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Are you eager to get that perfect look for the upcoming music festival? We got your back right here! So there is a thin line between a festive look and a casual look, and I bet many of you don’t know what that fine line looks like. 

Today, these 06 rules for festive dressing will tell you how to get that on-point look so that you can look cool and comfortable simultaneously. This festive season rock your look with these 06 essential styling tips.

06 Essential Styling Tips for Festive Dressing | A Must-Read Guide

We understand there is already a lot on the internet, so why look into our guide? Because our festive guide is not only researched based, but we have our experience shared as well. So if you want to find that real help get along with us. 

Let us warn you that missing out on any essential styling rule can make you regret later in the pictures! So get ready with us for a picture-perfect festive look with our guide!

  1. A Pair of Comfortable Footwear Can Do The Right Job.

When you go to a festive location, the one thing you do the most is walk! As the beat goes up, your footwear jumps higher than ever! So in thousands of people and walking a bit more miles, you should feel comfortable within your footwear!

Our top recommendations for comfy and stylish footwear include the following: chucks, flat boots, Nikes, flat sandals, or ankle boots. I personally have a crush on ankle boots, but it would be more comfortable if they had thick, stacked heels. 

However, it depends on what you will be doing at the concert. If you want to enjoy the concert just hanging in the VIP area, you can go with whatever you like.

But if you are someone who makes it to the front to rock on the beat, then it’s essential to plan on catching the front row with comfortable shoes!

  1. Wear a T-Shirt That Expresses Your Best Self For The Festive Vibe!

There can be more than enough ways to create a festive-stylish look! Denim is a timeless fashion for festivals. When it comes to denim, you can go with different looks! Whether it’s a denim jacket, jeans or t-shirt, or something that gives a classic denim vibe won’t disappoint. 

Next Level 6200 is also a classic festive tee, but the best part is it has some striking colors like Antique Denim and Stonewash Denim that could surely be the festive-ready choice for all.

However, if any of your friends are making this look, we have something more exciting for you. Go for a classic fringe! I can bet it would make you look super-hot and festive-perfect.

  1. Hat Is A Must-Have For A Little Fancy Mood.

Who likes standing in the hot scorching sun and getting an unbearable san tan for a long? A hat isn’t just a barrier from the sun but a full mood. So what are the types of hats that match the festive outfit?

So personally, my experience says that wide-brimmed hats pop up the overall look in the best way so far! Hats are love! Because they excite the look. However, another type that fits in the place is the baseball cap. They work exactly in the way that you want.

However, one disadvantage of wearing baseball caps is the cap won’t hide your ears and neck, and the exposure for hours can cause severe sunburn.

  1. Looking Cool?! But Where Are The Sunglasses?

A festive look looks surreal with sunglasses! On a bright, sunny day, it would not be good leaving the sunglasses back at home. Sunglasses have many things to do apart from bringing up the festive look!

Sunglasses protect from the dust and sand and the bright sun on the head. They are the best windshield one can wear.

  1. Say Bye To Frizz! Tie Hair Up In a High Pony Tale.

You must tie your hair to keep it frizz-free to look good in pictures!

There can be two good reasons why you should go with ponytails instead of loose hair. Firstly, the full crowd will make the atmosphere hot, and sweaty hair will make you feel uncomfortable, and you might look gross! Secondly and importantly, the open-air concert will make the hair get tangled, resulting in a bad hair day and ultimately a bad picture day too!

So, keep your hair in a braid or a stylish pony tale to look cute!

  1. Accessorizing To Make a Practical Festive Look!

If you are going to watch your favorite music band and looking forward to customized t-shirts with the band’s logo, your favorite musician, or funky images, Next Level 6200 is the best festive tee for sublimation printing. Wear a cross-body bag to look stylish and to keep essentials with you all day long.


To conclude, these are all the basic rules you should know before you get ready and set for a festive go-to look!

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