4 Reasons Why You Should Use Organic Hair Colors

Organic hair colors are nothing new. It has been used for coloring hair since ancient times. Centuries for that matter, but we got away with it because there are so many other options popping up in the market from time to time. However, new does not always mean better. So why should you think about using organic natural hair colors instead of the chemical-based hair colour brand?

Why Choose Organic Hair Colors?

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider switching:

1. There are many varieties of organic colors. Henna is not just the red color you see, although yes, henna paste usually turns red once applied, there are so many ways you can create different types of color shades. You can change the color of henna naturally from brown, blonde to black and etc.

2. Henna organic hair colors are semi-permanent hair colours. Its color stays for a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks. The color will not fade like the chemical-based dyes. It will remain strong and vibrant and will fade naturally as your own hair does.

3. Organic hair color dye is binds to the hair, unlike chemical hair dye which just coats the hair. It helps to form a bond with the scalp and hair for a more natural look and grow-out process. The natural elements in henna help to nourish, hydrate, and improve the overall well-being of the hair and scalp. Without harsh chemicals, it really is a great way to color your hair.

4. Organic hair dyes are really good for your hair. It helps to nourish and strengthen your hair which is why chemical hair dyes actually strip your hair of the virtual oils. It helps in restoring the pH balance in your hair thus making it look shiny and strong. It also helps the scalp by restoring the hair and scalp instead of stripping it of all these important oils thus making it stronger and healthier.

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