5 Important Questions to Ask Your Commercial General Contractor

One of the most daunting processes for any business owner is to have a commercial building space built. Even more intimidating is if you have never taken on such a project. Therefore, you need to find general commercial renovation contractors to help.

But when you know what questions to ask the contractor when hiring can give you peace of mind when choosing the right one. Doing this is crucial even if you have hired many contractors before, as it can help pave your way to success with your project.

Astra Construction Management has taken it upon themselves to compile a list of questions you can ask before hiring a general contractor. Once you go through the list and understand the process better, contact us to help you with your new building renovation. In addition, if you need asbestos removal contractors, we can help.

1. How Long Have You Had Your Business?

The question is essential when hiring any company to work on your commercial building project. Whether building new premises or renovating, the general contractor you choose must have years of experience in the field.

You do not want to start with the project using an inexperienced contractor, leaving you with higher project costs than expected. However, you do not want missed deadlines, poor construction, or an undelivered project.

Thus, do not feel you are too forward and ask for essential credentials like insurance and licenses. Ask the general contractor how long they have been in the building business and what other projects they have done similar to yours.

Asking questions helps you determine if the general contractor is worth spending your money on. Building a new facility or renovations costs money, and you do not want to waste it on a company that cannot provide you with what you need.

Furthermore, you can ask for references of clients they worked with in the past to find out how the contractor handled their projects.

2. What Other Projects Have You Worked On That Are Similar?

As important as asking for years of experience, this question is the most important one. You do not want to hire a general commercial contractor who has never handled such a project. Building to renovation contractors differs when it comes to providing specialties.

You want to find one that can provide work similar to your project. For instance, you can find contractors only specializing in restaurant or school remodeling and might not be able to handle an office building.

An excellent way to determine if the contractor has worked on similar projects is to check their profile. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with the contractor to explore past projects and ask the investors some questions.

Hence, it helps to choose a contractor presenting you with diversity. For example, Astra Construction Management works on different types of buildings.

3. Is Your Subcontractors Reliable?

Yes, you can find general contractors that do not have an in-house team and hire subcontractors to get the job done. Contractors can do this because they do not work in your area, your project needs special knowledge, or it needs to be completed before the deadline. Hence, hiring subcontractors is more beneficial for the contractor and client.

But the subcontractors can make or break a general contractor’s business. So when the contractor you use has unreliable subs, they cannot perform or deliver high-quality standard work on time. For that reason, we recommend exploring other options further.

Also, ensure the contractor you use has a project manager that can oversee the subs’ work to see that everything is done according to the book.

4. What Will My Project Cost and What Payment Schedule Do You Have?

A commercial project cost can vary, as there are different factors to consider. First, speak with the general contractor to help you determine your budget for the plans you have. Still, you must know what the contractor plans to bill you.

Correspondingly, never pay any contractor upfront for the whole project. Doing this can lead to problems, and instead, start with a down-payment plan to move forward. Then, you can pay as the project progresses until the final payment.

5. How Long Will My Project Take?

Lastly, and most importantly, after asking all the essential questions above. You want to know how long your commercial project will take before completed. You need to be on the same page with the contractor to see the project timeline and the end date.

The general contractor must commit to you with clear communications and a delivery date. In addition, all the discussed matters need to be stipulated in the contract before you choose the best general contractor to do the job.

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