5 Of The Easiest Countries To Become A Citizen

As stated by the Financial Times, the number of United States citizens who migrated to New Zealand in 2017 grew by 65%. Also, about 2,000 more Americans than the annual average have moved to Canada since the election Global News reported. This report is also given the same by second passport company Dubai. You can collect more information about second citizenship by investment Dubai through their website.

Being a citizen is more comfortable in some countries than in others. Here are five of the countries that are the easiest to gain citizenship.

1. Mexico

According to the US Library of Congress, people can apply for Mexican citizenship after five years of residency. This period can be reduced to two years if the applicant is of Mexican descent, has Mexican children, has been married to a couple of Mexico for two years, or has contributed (cultural, athletic, social, scientific, artistic, etc.) Mexico. You can also have fastest second passport for Mexico as well.

2. Canada

To be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you must have permanent residents’ status and have lived in Canada for 1,095 days in the five years before the date you sign your application.

You also have to meet your income tax’s reporting obligations within three years of the tax to be in five years before applying for citizenship.

Lastly, how well do you know Canada is essential for your citizenship application. Besides speaking the native language of English or French, you must take a test to demonstrate your knowledge about the country’s history, values, institutions, and rights.

3. Ireland

According to the Irish Department of Justice and Equality, those with Irish heritage can have a foot in obtaining citizenship in Ireland – being of Irish descent have a heavy pull.

For example, if you have parents, grandparents, or great-grandparent born in Ireland, you may be eligible for citizenship.

You can also become a naturalized citizen to live in Ireland for one year continuously. As long as you have at least four years of residency accumulated in the eight years before the year for your continuous, Investopedia reported.

4. Paraguayan

To register Paraguayan nationality by naturalization, you must be an adult, alive at least three years in Paraguay, contributions to the state through your profession, trade, science, or art, and has a good behavior record.

Although there are no restrictions on the country of origin, most immigrants are from nearby Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, according to a Migration Policy Institute map.

5. Israel

In some cases, your religious affiliation may make you eligible for citizenship. That is the case with Israel Return Act, which gives every Jew “the right to aliyah,” or the right to immigrate to Israel.

According to the Foreign Ministry, every Jew to immigrate to Israel and become a citizen. You can also obtain citizenship if you were born to one or more parents who are citizens of Israel. For best second passport for Israel you need to contact consultants of second citizenship.

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