5 Ways to Protect Your Furniture from Pets

Do you remember that great moment when your favorite couch got set up in your living room? You had likely saved up for this purchase for quite a while. And now the time has finally come to enjoy your adult purchase and appreciate how much it has elevated your living room.

So it is no surprise you get a bit of anxiety every single time you see a small child or pet come close to your furniture. The last thing you want to have to happen is for an accident to happen that completely destroys the pristine piece of furniture you had worked so hard to get.

There are many ways to proof your couch or other furniture to protect from pets or small children. From using cool blankets to even wrap your furniture in plastic covers, there are numerous strategies that you can take. It all really comes down to the balance you want from keeping your furniture safe versus enjoying the comfort that a couch can bring you.

Many pet owners around the world have had similar experiences to you, where they have found how using cool blankets or fabric protector spray can really ensure that your furniture is protect and you can equally sit back, relax and get cozy on your couch.

That is why we have rounded up the best tips for you to follow so that you don’t have to stress as much the next time your pet gets near your couch.

1. Pretreat Your Furniture

The first way to protect your furniture from pets is to actually get it pre-treat. Depending on the supplier that you got your furniture from, the company may do this for you before it id delivered. But if they do not, no need to stress as you can still do this yourself too. All you have to do is invest in some fabric and upholstery protector spray and apply it to the fabric. This will act as an invisible shield so that stains are much less likely to occur on the fabric. Plus, the spray itself is relatively inexpensive, so it is a worthwhile investment to make.

2. Lay Cool Blankets Over the Furniture

Another way to protect your furniture from your furry friends is by laying cool blankets over the cushions of the couch. This will act as a very visible shield that ensures your pet does not touch the fabric of the couch while equally giving them the ability to hop up on it and cuddle with you. This is a great solution because it means that all you have to do is clean your blanket after your pet hops on it rather than try vigorously to remove stains and pet hair from the actual furniture itself. Plus, if you get the right cool blankets you will also enjoy the warmth and comfort they provide you too. Everyone wins with this method.

3. Clean the Furniture Regularly

Even if you have applied fabric protection to your furniture, a great way to really keep it protected from damage caused by pets is by cleaning it regularly. You can get special couch vacuums that remove everything from dust to pet hair. If you give your furniture a regular clean at least once a week, you will ensure that there is no excess build-up that could damage your furniture long-term. Make this part of your weekly cleaning routine and you will see excellent results when it comes to protection.

4. Stock Up on Stain Removers

Unfortunately, even with all the precautions, you may be taking, your pet could still end up damaging your furnitures. Accidents happen, so all you can do is be prepared to deal with them. The good news is, that there are a range of stain removers you can have on standby ready to remove any stains on your furniture. Plus, these are not that expensive at all to invest in. In most cases, standard dish soap and filtered water will do the trick in removing a stain almost as quickly as it happened.

5. Cover Your Furniture with Plastic Wrap

If you have invested a lot of money in your furniture and do not want to risk any pet damage whatsoever, you may consider getting a custom plastic wrap for your couch. This is similar to what museums and furniture shops often use to ensure that it remains pristine and undamaged. While the comfort level of the couch will likely go down significantly, you will have peace of mind that no damage will be done. This is more of a short-term solution though rather than one that lets you equally get enjoyment from your furniture.


These five tips and tricks will help ensure that your pets do minimal damage to your furniture. How will you choose to safeguard your couch?



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