7 Biggest Australian Tourist Visa Refusal Reasons That You Should Avoid

If you apply for a visitor visa Australia for your upcoming holiday only to be rejected, then that can be a disappointing experience. While there are ways to challenge or appeal the rejection, the best course of action is to know the reasons why you were rejected in the first place. Before you go ahead and apply for a subclass 600 visa, you should be aware of all the intricacies.

It is in this kind of situation that the best immigration consultant in Perth will be able to help you. These are experienced and licensed pros with years of experience who know the immigration laws of Australia inside out. They can deal with Australian visitor visa refusal, and they can also help you avoid the reasons for rejection. Here are the 7 biggest visa refusal reasons to avoid.

The 7 Main Reasons Behind Australian Visitor Visa Refusal

The Australian immigration system is very complex and will have you navigate through a literal swamp of laws and requirements. To simplify things for you, here is a concise explanation of the seven primary. Reasons behind visitor visa 600 refusals today.

1. Application Comes From a High-Risk Country

The Australian Ministry of Home Affairs and the Department of Immigration maintains a list of countries known as ‘low risk’ countries. In other words, regular visitors to Australia from these countries have a history of overstaying their allotted time in the country. The ministry has a list of countries, and it’s a good idea to check whether your country is on the list. The best migration agent in Perth will be able to help you navigate this system. There are loads of visitor visas available, and you need to work with your agent to make sure that you have the right one.

2. Your History of Visa Application with Australia is Not Good

Another reason why subclass 600 applications get rejected is if your visa application history in Australia is not a favourable one. For example, if you had applied for the same visa previously and had gotten rejected, then there is a high chance that a repeated application will fail as well. You can also have your application rejected if you didn’t comply with the conditions put in place by the visa. Here are some conditions that you may have disobeyed previously

If the department of immigration discovers that you have flouted all or one of these rules, then your visa application will be refused immediately. You may also be handed a 3-year ban, during which you can’t lodge new applications.

3. Your Visa Application Answers are Inconsistent with Documents

You might think that filling out a visa application form is a very simple task. It may seem like that, but it’s not. There are a lot of intricacies involved, which is why you need to set up an appointment with the best immigration consultant in Perth. If there are any inconsistencies between your application info and the info on your documents, then your application will be rejected. You won’t get a chance to correct any errors, which is why you should be very careful while filling in the forms. Even silly mistakes can have serious consequences.

4. You Haven’t Provided the Necessary Evidence and Documents

Your application also stands to be rejected. If you don’t provide the department of immigration with the right documents and evidence. For example, it is mandatory to provide a financial statement to prove that you can support yourself while you’re in Australia. If you are travelling for work or business purposes, you will also need to provide a letter of invitation, a letter from an Australian employer, etc.

Things can get simplified if you have a relative who is a citizen or a permanent resident in Australia. If they can sponsor you, then the visa application process will be expeding. To ensure that the tourist visa subclass 600 goes through smoothly, you need to come up with all documents to prove sincerity.

5. Your Supporting Documents are False and Misleading

Your tourist visa in Australia will also be rejecting. At once if the documents that you have provided are false and misleading. This is a very serious breach of the rules, and your application will be rejecting instantly. Moreover, you will also receive a 3-year ban – within which you can’t make any new applications. Please do not provide the visa officials with false/misleading documents even by mistake. Work with the best migration agent in Perth. And they will be happy to guide you and provide all the correct documents.

6. You Fail to Meet the Health Requirements of Australia

This is a somewhat arbitrary measure used to determine whether your subclass 600 visa will be rejected or not. If you do not fall within the “health requirements” specified by the government, then your visa can be rejected. Basically, you’ll have to provide ample evidence that you do not present a health and safety risk to the Australians. Highly contagious diseases like these throw up red flags in this system –

    • Ebola Virus Disease (EVD): Originated in Sub-Saharan Africa. EVD is a dangerous condition that causes severe bleeding and organ failure. It’s a serious condition that can lead to death, more often than not. If you have EVD, you will be denied entry into the country.

    • Yellow Fever: Yellow fever is a very contagious viral disease that is spread through mosquitoes. It can be easily prevented with a proper vaccine dose. It can need critical care, although the onset of symptoms last for only 3-4 days.

    • Tuberculosis: Tuberculosis, or TB, is a serious bacterial infection of the lungs that is contagious and very dangerous. There are many kinds of TB, and it is very difficult to get rid of strains. That are resistant to medication and anti-bacterial formulations. If you have TB, you have a high chance of experiencing visitor visa 600 refusals.

    • Measles: While measles can easily be prevented with vaccines. You will not be allowed to travel to Australia if you get afflicted by it. Measles may be relatively minor. But it is a very contagious disease and poses a significant health risk to the population.

7. You Fail to Meet the Character Requirements of the Immigration Department

Lastly, your visa application will surely be rejecting if you fail to meet. The character requirements of the department of immigration. You will need to provide the department with information regarding any criminal convictions. You may have had previously in your home country. To this end, you have to provide the dept. With a character certificate issued by the police department of your home country. If you are in the military or have done military service. Then you can use a notarized letter of character from your immediate superior officer as well.

Summing Up

These have been the 7 main reasons that could lead to visitor visa 600 refusals. Go through these carefully, and get in touch with the best Migration Agent Perth. They will be able to guide you through the process. They will also help you with all the ins and outs of the complex application process.

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