7 Steps To Identify Your Ideal Customer or Client

We all are different people with different personalities, needs, values, and choices. Our choices are inspired by our personal preferences and thoughts. Your business works the same way. Therefore, there’s no solution that is “one size fits all”. It’s very common to see business owners identify their ideal customer very late. 

It’s not uncommon to hear from business owners – why making sales is hard and why it never seems to flow! The key here is to identify your ideal customer. Few of you may argue that no, it’s not! Let’s try a backward approach here. The more you know about your ideal customer, the easier it will get. While it’s tempting to think that everyone wants your service, in reality, it could turn into the opposite. If you desire to serve everyone you could end up causing some serious harm to your brand’s reputation. So how do you identify your ideal customer and get to know them better?

What Are Your Products and Services

This one may seem a little obvious to some of you. But when you’re in the starting phase, you should have a strong understanding of what you are offering and to whom. Get a notepad and start writing exactly what you are offering to your customers, why people should buy from you, and who can benefit from your offering. It’s not enough to know you want to work for. You need to figure out who is actually finding your offerings helpful. 

Survey Your Existing Client Base

Rather than taking a wild guess try analyzing your experience with your clients – good and bad. Comb through all the successes and mistakes you made. If certain clients didn’t enjoy working with you, note them on a separate list. Also, take time to go through big wins and accomplishments. Take some time to look through both lists. Their age, gender, location, income, industry, relationship status, everything. Ask them what drew them to working with you and what didn’t work out. This way you can quickly identify your ideal customer. Since it’s about your ideal client use a trustworthy platform – Picktime, to manage your service bookings and clients. Appointment scheduling software such as Picktime is free. Picktime offers services to almost every professional – doctors, photographers, education, health and fitness, financial services, and whatnot. 

It provides an easy-to-use online appointment booking system with a personalized booking page. To begin with Picktime features, Online Calendar, Staff Management, Accept Payments, Invoice Generation, Multiple Location Management, and more. It’s a budget and UI-friendly platform supported by all devices. To know about their plans and features sign up for free today!

Identify Their Goals and Fears

What are the goals and what do you fear, these are two basic common things in every human being. Knowing what your ideal customer aspires to can be the key information. Similarly, what they most fear could also be the edge that you’re looking for. People often make purchases for two reasons: to fulfill a desire or solve a problem. To get high in demand and build trust with your clients try unraveling that challenge and bridge the gap. 

Follow Their Current Habits

This is the most important section to identify your ideal customer. Knowing your customer’s habits is one of the tricks for marketing. This could go deep into physiological responses. Phycology plays a significant role in a customer’s habits and choices. Dig deeper and ask yourself what it is that your client reads. What information are they searching for on Google? Do they prefer Android or Apple? Where do they spend most of their time, Facebook or Twitter? What do they prefer, Rum or Whisky? Okay, the last one is too much. But all the others are general and valid information that you should have about your clients. By knowing some parts of their life – where they are and what they’re looking for you can reach them with ease. 

Identify Their Buying Decisions

There are two types of buyers, mainly. One who takes all their time and does thorough research checks reviews compares with alternative options and then makes the purchase. And on the other hand, we have impulsive buyers. Who just purchased it because it was looking useful. To identify your ideal customer it’s important to know their decision-making for buying things. For example, for impulsive buyers, The Souled Store is the perfect place. With their limited collection, you check it, like it, and purchase it. But for our thorough buyers, Amazon would be the right platform. 

Create Solutions to Solve Their Biggest Problems

Now that you have gathered the key issues your clients are facing, their choices, and values it would be wiser to create ways to address those issues. For instance, if you know your target is a bride-to-be who needs to lose 10 pounds before her big day you can tailor your services accordingly to solve that problem. Doing this will not only help you learn and grow but they might stick around for longer periods.

Think About Your Ideal Customer 

It may seem obvious but figuring out who you like to work with can work both ways. It’s a win-win. The process is much easier and the results are always better than expected. For this step to work, you need to get excited about who you work with. If you can’t feel that way then they’re not the one. For your business! It may result in making your business unsustainable.  

In summary, if you’re trying to serve everyone, you might end up serving no one. Learn their habits, choices, and fears, and connect with them emphatically. It may take some time but it will be rewarding, indeed. 

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