7 Tips For Successful Juice

Start the day with citrus juice

A fresh citrus juice mixed with basil is a great way to start the day. As the day progresses, use less citrus and switch to other types of fruit like apples mixed with vegetables. At the end of the evening, your juice should be a larger dose of vegetables than in the early morning.

Drink sweet juices in moderation.

If you are making a juice that does not contain vegetables, only berries, grapes, apples, or other fruits, drink it as if it were dessert. This is your reward for drinking all your green juice. The problem with super sweet juices is that they are very high in sugar and without fiber to slow digestion, they can cause blood sugar spikes and drops. Use sweet fruits to improve the taste of green juice

Drink plenty of green juice

I’ll probably say it over and over again because it’s the number one reason people fail. They are so used to deprivation that they can’t think of the fact that they can have all the green juice they want. I’m telling you, drink what you want. Do not deprive yourself. If you feel like it, if you’re hungry, if you just want to smell something in your mouth, drink it. If you are fasting, you should drink at least 46 servings of juice per day.

Cool bevilo

I will say it with a warning. Yes, it is best to drink the juice within minutes of preparing it. This is because the enzymes are stronger when they are freshly made. But, if that is not possible due to your schedule, store it in glass jars with tight-fitting lids in the refrigerator and try to drink it within two days. Do whatever you have to do to get the juice into your body. One-day juice is better than no juice.

Be mild with yourself while fasting

Whether you are fasting for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or more, there are days that will be difficult. You may experience detox symptoms like headaches, intense cravings, tummy issues or you may just feel tired (I felt them all strongly for 35 days). It can be difficult to start a juice fast when you have to work out. so that on days 3 and 4, which are probably the worst, it will be the weekend, so he can rest.

Plan ahead

You’ll need plenty of fruits and veg to get through a single day of juice fast. Find a place where you can buy in bulk. If money is a problem, start with a few recipes and stick with a juice or two that you really like.

If you are not prepared you will not be successful because you will try to conserve the juice, you will be too hungry and you will leave Think about all the upcoming social events and plan ahead how you are going to handle them – in a matter of days only the effects will be evident and all your planning will pay off. I have planned this quickly which I now do between trips out of town so I don’t have to worry about rushing and traveling!

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