A Few Great Reasons to Try Ninja Classes for Kids

Running? Meh. Karate? Already tried it. If you’re looking for a totally unique activity for your energetic kid, consider ninja classes! These innovative and engaging classes include obstacles and body challenges that are totally unique week after week. Here are the reasons to have your kid try ninja classes!

Increase your kid’s strength
Even the most active kids will often focus on running and other cardio activities. Ninja classes are a way to work the upper-body and do other movements and exercises that kids don’t usually do. Whether it’s pulling themselves up or jumping, your kid will strengthen their entire body.

Learn tons of skills
Ninja classes are great when you want kids to learn different techniques and skills you can’t learn anywhere else. Agility, balance, coordination, and flexibility will all be worked on every week. This will give your kid a great foundation for other sports and activities.

Bone strength
Weight-bearing activities in ninja classes will improve your kids’ bone strength. It will make their bones stronger and denser as they work against gravity. Studies have proven adult bone health is related to the amount of physical activity someone’s done as a child.

Improved flexibility
Flexibility and balance are super important to have but not many sports and activities will focus on this. Flexibility will improve their overall performance in all physical activities, decrease their risk of injury, improve joint health and give their motion more range, and make their muscles work more effectively.

Learn to fall
Sometimes kids are a bit hesitant when it comes to doing things that seem dangerous. This can often be a good thing but you also want to ensure they aren’t holding back from things they will enjoy. Kids may be afraid of climbing or jumping due to the possibility of falling. Ninja classes will teach kids how to fall properly, using mats and other safety measures to teach them tumbling techniques.

Find Ninja Classes Near You
Reach Climbing & Fitness is a rock climbing gym with a wide range of classes for all activity levels and interests. This includes Ninja Classes made specifically with kids in mind. There are three classes for different age ranges, ensuring your child gets the exact support and activities they need to improve their fitness.

The first class is for three to six year olds. This one-hour class is all about handling a variety of obstacles that improve their coordination. They’ll learn upper body techniques by climbing and enjoy unique floor obstacle maneuvering techniques. There will also be fun games so they can bond with peers.

The second class is for seven to 10 year olds. Also one hour, this one has obstacles, floor exercises, and upper body challenges for a well-rounded experience. Course racing and team building activities will inspire competition and comradery. The course will be frequently changed to introduce them to new challenges.

11 to 15 year olds can also experience the fun of a ninja course. Ninja Warriors in training can take this course to improve balance, agility, jumping, awareness, and strength. Each workout will help them build relationships and learn new skills, gaining confidence along the way.

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