A Mom’s Day Out: Shopping at Hobby Lobby for a baby’s room

Even though I could have said “loot,” “finds,” “jewels,” or “findings,” “booty” sounds so much better. Even though it’s only January, my mom just gave me what might be the best gift I’ve ever gotten. No matter what, it was without a doubt the best gift I’ve ever gotten. One day to myself? Thank you, mom! Going to Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul For Toddler Bedroom got things going.

Since I always take my two kids with me, it’s just not the same as what I did last week. The kind where you wander around aimlessly. Finding ideas for future projects. Completely off track, leisurely looking through the deals. It was wonderful. What else is crazy, you might ask? Things you don’t think much about before you have kids! I never thought that I would like going to the grocery store so much. Anyway, I wanted to tell you what I found because I was so happy with it and even happier with how cheap it was.

What I Chose for the Chairs’ Fabric

The seats on my kitchen table chairs were just redone. These chairs have been around for a long time, and somewhere between a thrift store, my garage, my house, back to the garage, and then back to the house, I lost one of the cushions or padding. Luckily, this baby was 30% off. All of them will be taken care of soon, and I’ll let you know what happens.

There is a 40% discount in the Hobby Lobby weekly ad

Every Sunday, Hobby Lobby starts a whole week’s worth of new sales. Hobby Lobby’s ads sometimes have a brand-new 40% off coupon at the very bottom. This is just one of the many ways to save money when you shop there. Signing up for hobby lobby emails is one of the fastest ways to find out what’s on sale and if there’s a new 40% off coupon (you can find the sign-up button at the top of the hobby lobby website). The other quick way is to look at the ads that come out every week. You can read the hobby lobby weekly ad on hobbylobby.com along with the hobby lobby 40 off coupon.

Customers can download and print the ad to take to a Hobby Lobby store, or they can use any discount coupons they have to buy something online. Look at the items on sale this week to find out about extra discounts.

Print a second coupon if you want to go to Hobby Lobby with your mom, sister, or best friend for Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul For Toddler Bedroom. For every in-store purchase with a coupon, the coupon must be shown at checkout. Your shopping partner will also need a coupon for you to get 40% off a regular-priced item.

The Large Number Of Items

I bought a lot of wool felt. I adore feeling. Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul For Toddler Bedroom has 4 for $1. I found out that it is a little bit bigger, of better quality, and cheaper than AC More or Michael’s. Score. I bought it for a project I’ll tell you about soon, probably on Monday.

How to Choose the Right Curtains for a Child’s Room

The toddler room of Genevieve needs drapes. Her old curtains from her baby room don’t work anymore. I was going to make some because I couldn’t find the colour or style I wanted, but I couldn’t help but buy this set in the meantime. I love the grommet look, and these were 50% off. I paid $14.99 for two panes. While I look for or make the ones that fly around in my head, I can see no problem with using these as a temporary fix for that price.

Make The Most Of Your Hobby Lobby Shopping Trip

This grey chevron was in the scraps bin. Even though I didn’t really need it, I bought it because it was 50% off. I think it came from Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul For Toddler Bedroom because it matches Genevieve’s wall.

The perfect way to spend a day out with your toddler.

A fourth thing I love is pom-pom trim. I used it for the first time in Nadia’s room. I wanted to make Genevieve grey curtains out of velour or a fabric with a lot of texture and trim them with hot pink pom poms (some of my fabric choices are on the left). But these cheerful pom poms were 50% off, so I bought them.

I don’t know if I’ll use them or keep them because I’m not sure if they’re too bright to go with the aqua curtains instead of the grey ones.

How to Shop: What to Look For

For Genevieve’s room, a chevron pillow cover in brown and yellow that looks like burlap. Her room is full of elephants, so I can’t decide if I should add a felt elephant silhouette or a g. Which do you think is true? Can I buy it from Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul For Toddler Bedroom.

Change things as your child grows

I love this tiny mirror so much! There was also a similar pink one, but I didn’t buy it because I wanted to keep this trip to $50 or less (and I was so close!). This one will look great in Genevieve’s new room on a shelf like this. And just in case I haven’t said it before, the colours in her new room are grey, pink, yellow, aqua, and a little bit of green.

This picture gives you a great look at it. There are many colours there, yes. But things are coming together nicely.

Yarn for a different project. I’m not sure if or when I’ll share that one because it’s not very important right now.

A nice little shopping trip with a lot of great things to buy

The only things that weren’t on sale or clearance were yarn, data of Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul For Toddler Bedroom, and a sign. Overall, it was a fun little shopping trip where I got a lot of great things. So, let’s get to it. I’ll post some pictures of Genevieve’s room by the end of the month to show how it’s coming along! I felt like I had to get it out right away because I had talked about it for so long, but it took me a long time to finish.

Safe Place

I also got a big “&” and a wreath-like shape. You know about the “&” sign. Even though I’m not sure, I think I’ll paint it and put it on the table in our foyer. That was a little outside of my comfort zone, but I thought it would work because it was on sale at Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul For Toddler Bedroom. People are so good at it (though I’m not sure if I’m one of them).

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