According to Fans, What Does The Future of Cricket Look Like?

The future of cricket is now one of the most popular subjects in the sport. With the advent of T20 leagues, international retirements, and a packed schedule, it is almost hard to avoid questions about cricket’s future.

To get a sense of what supporters think the future holds, a survey was conducted on cricket’s present environment as well as what the sport will look like in 15 years, including leagues, Ambani Book, and Test cricket.

Where do cricket fans envision the sport in the next 10 to 15 years?

44.3 percent of 1,018 respondents think that cricket would be a regular Olympic sport. There is a campaign for cricket to be included in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, although 2032 seems more likely.

41.5 percent of respondents believe that women’s cricket will continue to improve. The Women’s IPL is scheduled to begin in 2023, which will likely lead to the game’s expansion as the finest players from India and outside participate. Also, once the WBBL reaches record numbers in 2021, supporters anticipate the emergence of other women’s leagues throughout the globe.

Regarding the IPL, 35.7% of respondents anticipate there will be two tournaments every year by the year 2032. Former India coach Ravi Shastri said earlier this year that such an event is inevitable given the league’s financial clout, shown by the enormous TV rights that rank the IPL second only to the NFL in terms of match value.

Will One-Day International cricket survive the next 10 to 15 years?

In addition, 39.9% of respondents anticipate further growth for the T10 and Hundred forms. Due to the packed schedule, international cricket is in a precarious position. Several players, notably Usman Khawaja, Moeen Ali, and Ravichandran Ashwin, have expressed concern about the danger that One Day Internationals face (ODIs).

Ben Stokes’s retirement from the format at the age of 31, less than a year before the World Cup in India, sparked even more debate over the future of Ambani Book on the schedule. Despite the fact that there are several one-day internationals planned in the 2023-2027 FTP, 33.6% of respondents predict there would be no more ODIs in the next 10 to 15 years. In addition, 52.4% of respondents said that ODI cricket should be eliminated if it were necessary to eliminate a format to alleviate scheduling strain, compared to 41% for T20Is and only 6.4% for Tests.

Fans see the Test cricket’s future as secure for the time being

The vast majority of respondents (91.3%) believe that Test cricket would still be played in 2037. Given the emergence of domestic leagues throughout the globe, the game’s most traditional structure, which has produced many unforgettable moments, is now at a crossroads. Fans think that the format still has a place because it is the ultimate test of talent and can counteract the amazing speed of white-ball cricket.

However, it is costly for boards throughout the globe to hold tests. It remains to be seen if they are financially viable for countries other than England, Australia, and India. Perhaps the ICC should intervene and make Test cricket as accessible to fans as feasible. In actuality, one of the responses suggested a Netflix-style subscription for to broadcast Tests. Other respondents advocated for more day/night Tests, cheaper tickets, less T20Is, and improved marketing.

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