Do I need an air purifier for pet dander if there is a pet smell at home?

After raising pets, there has always been a peculiar smell at home. And now there are many good deodorant cleaners on the market, which can be used to do a good job of secondary cleaning. You can also prepare soothing smells such as fragrances in the store to increase the favorability of guests. You can also opt for an air purifier for dust and pet hair designed to remove odors from pets. Let’s take a look at the source of pet odors.

Pet odor source

01 Oral odor

First of all, the gastrointestinal tract is not well digested. The gastrointestinal flora is unbalanced, the abnormal ammonia taste is fermented. Secondly, after the dog eats, the food residue remains in the gap between the teeth, which will breed bacteria that is the source of the odor.

02 Ear odor

If the dog’s ear odor is heavy, then the shovelers should pay attention, which is a sign that there are a lot of bacteria and parasites in the dog’s ears.

03 Fur odor

If there is a wound on the pet, the infection will lead to a large number of bacteria, and odor is very common. In addition, during the estrus and childbirth period, endocrine disorders or long-term non-bathing will cause abnormal odors in dogs.

04 Odor around the eyes and glands

Most of the area around the eye is due to tear marks and excessive secretion of the eyelids, resulting in eczema or mite bacteria proliferation. The perianal area may be a source of taste after a long period of time without cleaning the glands or the feces of pets, or perianal tumors, traumatic infections, etc

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