All You Need Is To Go To Dubai

You may have plenty of cash saved up, but with the declining economy, you should know that it’s difficult to travel without a margin. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it has countless attractions. 

Dubai has everything from scuba diving to museum visits and desert safaris to shopping at the best malls. Dubai is famous for shopping. Even Hollywood celebrities want to land in this beautiful Arab city.

The city hosts the Dubai World Shopping Festival, which attracts around 3.3 million people. You are wrong if you think bringing kids is a terrible idea. The use of families is a real hit because there are fun activities for children. For adults, shopping duty-free is a big hit. It’s excellent value, and you can win many exciting prizes daily.

Dubai Shopping Festival:

If you missed the Dubai Shopping Festival but always have plans, you can soak up the sun in all its soothing glory from the Gold Souk and let your eyes absorb all the artificial wonders. It is a good place to buy excellent quality gold, but you can also get countless designs. The UAE government oversees standard controls. Here you can find gold, platinum, diamonds, and silver. Shopping itself is expensive. 

Dubai Desert Safari:

Dubai desert safari is famous for fulfilling the dreams of adventurers, travel enthusiasts, and photography enthusiasts. Does it sound interesting? However, it is up to the traveler what other activities to include. And you don’t know where to get the best service? 

They design the package according to your budget and tour conditions, so you will never be disappointed. In addition, if you are traveling as a group, you will enjoy a 20%-30% discount on your first booking.

If you haven’t been to the Dubai Desert Safari and haven’t seen anything yet, the wonders of Dubai are waiting for you. This is the true beauty that no one can deny. Plus, experience a variety of desert tours, from quad biking to camel riding. You can choose a safari at any time of the day or night.

How To Enjoy The Desert Safari Tour?

You can experience desert safari tours in 3 formats in Dubai or any city in the UAE. You can book tickets and visit the following sites:

The first one is the morning pie which takes about 4-5 hours. However, if you have minimal time but want to admire the delights of the Bedouin, you can join the morning tour. The morning tour includes:

  • A 4×4 pick and drop service.
  • Exciting sand activities.
  • Snack pack with tea/coffee or soft drinks.

Evening Desert Safari:

The second and first choice of travelers compared to morning and night visits are evening trips. This tour allows you to enjoy all the Bedouin lifestyle, including luxury, in 6 hours. Another good thing about it is that it is more affordable than morning and night. With door-to-door transportation, adventure activities, endless snacks, hot and cold drinks, live entertainment programs including sunset/Arabic dress/falconry photography, henna design, delicious barbecue buffet dinner, and a wide selection of vegetables, etc. – The lowest price range you will experience for vegetable dishes includes in desert safari 35 AED, excluding the 7-drop selection service. But you will prove it.

Some Places To Visit:

Jumeirah Beach:

The public beach is behind Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Jumeirah Beach Residence. The sand here is very clean, and the water is very clear and calm for swimming. You can spend the day here or take a walk along the coastline before heading home.

Medina Jumeirah Souq:

you will find many famous brands such as Gucci, Prada, and Armani. There are also several art galleries, restaurants, and a variety of traditional Emirati cuisine.

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Wild Wadi Water Park:

This park is one of the largest water parks in the Middle East, consisting of several themed pools with exciting rides such as surf machines and tip buckets. There are many water slides for both children and adults. An ideal place for family fun. On the other hand, the entrance ticket costs about 110 dirhams (US$28) per person.

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