American Flag Boots: This Summer’s Top Western Fashion Trend

It might be difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends because they change so frequently. But it’s clear that through 2022, Western fashion styles have remained popular and trendy.

There are so many cowboy-inspired fashion styles out there, from flannel snap western shirts to fringe display chaps and belt buckles. And when it comes to Western fashion, there is no item more necessary than the American flag boot, and Ariat is certainly a brand worth mentioning if you are in the market for these kinds of boots!

Why Do People Adore Ariat’s American Flag Boots?
Why precisely Ariat American Flag Boots? I’ll tell you what the answer is, and it’s actually rather simpler than what you might have thought at first: it comes down to quality and the right feel.

There are numerous options available to you when looking to buy a new pair of women’s western boots. But if you want a boot that looks great and performs well for years to come, go no further than Ariat.

Ariat’s American flag cowboy boots are a great way to demonstrate your patriotism and support for the USA. The American flag boots from Ariat are all made to last and to give you the most comfort possible all day long – they exemplify the look and feel you want out of a pair of Western boots.

It’s no secret that Ariat cowboy boots are made to last—grease-resistant, self-cleaning treads. The boots that are made by Ariat are constructed out of full-grain leather of the highest quality.

What To Wear with the American Flag Boots

For Women
Avoid wearing a shirt with studs or frills with your cowgirl boots. Let your boots speak for themselves with a classic look.

Choosing what to wear with cowgirl boots is a matter of balancing complementary or contrasting colors and materials. Picture a simple flowery summer dress or a smocked crochet minidress for instance, as these pieces would pair nicely with Western style boots.

If you want to keep your cowgirl look stylish yet subdued, opt for a pair of jeans instead!

For Men
Clothing with similar materials but contrasting colors typically pairs well with cowboy boots. Keep your outfits basic when wearing cowboy boots. For men on the go, a wrinkle-free blue shirt, for example, is a great look.

Of course, denim and cowboy boots have been a classic pairing for more than a century. Pairing your cowboy boots with a functional, adaptable, and comfy pair of jeans is essential.

Try pairing your favorite pair of dark wash, slim fit, straight cut jeans with your favorite Ariat cowboy boots for a look you can wear all day long.

Ariat’s boots are of the highest quality and come in a variety of fashionable and unique designs. Your first or next pair of Ariat boots may be purchased at Jackson English & Western Store for a very reasonable price. Visit their website today!

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