Among Us – Introducing New Characters & Colors In The Game

Among Us is the most popular online sci-fi murder mystery game that was released on 15th June 2018 and can be played on IOS as well as android devices. With some intriguing Among Us characters’ names and unique codes, the plot of the game is set on a spaceship or planet based, which makes the game a hit among its players.

The designers of the game always updated the game with the latest unique feature by introducing new characters and new roles in the game.

As Among Us is the most colorful game among all as it lets you customize your Avatar from changing the colors of your spacesuit to completely changing your attire. 

The introduction of Among Us Characters and Among Us roles makes it more interesting among its fans.

Among Us Characters Names?

The characters of Among Us play different Among Us roles and they are the crew members of a spaceship with a faceless avatar that represents the identity of each of the 12 Among Us characters and every character has a different spacesuit of different colors.

Among Us characters’ names

  1. An Engineer
  2. Scientist
  3. Guardian Angel
  4. Ghost
  5. Sheriff
  6. Imposter
  7. Shape Shifter

Among Us Colors

As it is a most colorful game it has various colors of spacesuits. The color of the games depends upon the device on which you are playing, if you are playing on mobile you have 12 color along with 40 hats available for free.

The colors used for Among Us Characters are

  1. Red
  2. Banana
  3. Green
  4. White
  5. Purple
  6. Black
  7. Blue
  8. Lime
  9. Orange
  10.  Cyan
  11. Pink
  12.  Brown

Every Among Us characters choose different colors and every color represents some unique traits. You can pick any color to make the Among Us characters with a visor, two legs and a backpack.

So, here we have given a brief about the amazing game Among Us. For more detailed information you can visit the site

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