Excess of fat whether it be body fat or belly fat, both are major reasons for a number of health problems that millions of people face across the world. While some people want to lose extra fat and weight because they want to stay fit, healthy and disease free, others want it to enhance their looks with a perfectly looking body and to feel good and confident about themselves. Some people want to lose these extra inches in a short period of time with the least effort but there is no such way. A healthy and good looking body needs eating clean food, proper and constant exercise and drinking a lot of water. 

With this article we wish to help you out with all the information about waist training. So as you scroll down this article, you will find out and get to know about a lot of facts related to waist, what are waist training before and after results, names of some best waist training and exercises and how those can be done. 

What is waist training workout and is it effective?

Waist training workout is nothing but a method to lose the extra inches or fat around our belly or on our waist. The assumption of the waist training workout is that one should wear the waist trainer while working or doing the exercises and not only then but for the whole day. If you don’t know what a waist trainer is, it is basically a corset that is worn on the waist area for losing weight. It basically stimulates the thermal or heat activity. 

Waist training workouts are done by people to get the desired waisttraining before and after results. It is one of the most popular ways to attain that perfect shaped body. While many women wear corsets the whole time, it makes no benefit to the body, rather it weaks the core muscles which will not only affect your body shape in a bad way but also can lead you towards the injuries.

For cutting that extra fat off your waist, what is really important is that your core muscles must be perfectly toned and active. Also our obliques play a very important role in achieving a perfect waistline. This can be achieved by doing some effective waist exercise and healthy food habits and not by wearing just a corset while training. 

What are Obliques?

Obliques play a major role in all our waist related activities as these are the muscles that are charged for waist twisting moves or side bending. These obliques help to cinch and sculpt the waist and help to tone the abdominal wall. It also tightens the midsection of the waist.

Do you also see waist training before and after pictureson the internet or on social media platforms and feel left out from the people who have slim waist? Do you want to get rid of your oversized clothes or muffin tops that you wear to hide your belly? 

Answer is simple, add up these 10 amazing exercises in your workout that will help you get rid of your belly fat and start engaging with your obliques today.

List of best exercises for positive waist training before and after results:

  1. Bicycle Crunches-Bicycle Crunches help to make your abs and oblique work at the same time as your body will be in constant movement. This helps to burn calories and increase heart rate.
  2. Dumbbell Side Bend- Dumbbell Side Bends helps to target and sculpt both the internal and the external obliques. So it’s a must add-on in your workout.
  3. Heels Touchers- Heel Touchers are the best way to tighten your entire side of the abdominal wall. Not only this, but it will also help you to cinch the waist and you can get that perfect hour-glass figure.
  4. Oblique V Crunch- This is an exercise that will help you get engaged with a lot of things like with abdominal wall and the obliques. It also strengthens the back, improves the flexibility and balance of the body and tightens the core.
  5. Russian Twist- This exercise works with your core and helps to strengthen the lower back with ab muscles. Further, it helps enhance the stability, flexibility and posture.
  6. Plank Hip Dips- It is an advanced version of the normal elbow planks with a twist of hip rotation move. It works on the core and strengthens the abs, oblique and lower back to a greater level. 
  7. Triangle Crunch- This type of exercise tones the abdominal wall, sculpts the waist and works on the body balance and flexibility. It also aims on the bs and oblique to strengthen the core.
  8. Side Crunch- This move also strengthens the internal and external oblique. It also sculpts the side abdominal wall and defines a more shapely body for you. 
  9. Side Plank Hip Lifts- This exercise also helps in the lactation of the obliques, build endurance and core strength. It majorly targets the deep abdominal muscles and helps in tightening and shrinking of the muscle. 
  10. Waist Slimmer Squat- Cardio is a must add on in your workout. Waist Slimmer Squat like cardio move generates the best cardio boost, helps in burning of extra fat, strengthens the core and thus you can attain the perfect waistline that you have been wanting.

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So if you want the perfect hour-glass shaped body, not to feel left out from the people who are slim and have perfect waist and need to attain those amazing waist training before and after results, here are the final tips summarised for you.

  1. Never start your workout without a core warm-up.
  2. Don’t forget to breathe while exercising because that’s when you crunch.
  3. Always end your workout with a stretching routine.
  4. Also add up to 30 minutes cardio in your workout routine for at least thrice a week. This will help you to burn your extra fat.
  5. Have a healthy and clean diet and don’t forget to drink an adequate amount of water in a day.

What are you waiting for now? Go and hit the gym and start working out on these some of the best waist training exercises today!!

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