Biggest PPE Suppliers You Must Check Out Right Away

Personal protective equipment is an element of great significance in most industries. They have always been in demand due to the increasing hazards and fatalities in workplaces.

Due to the rising number of injuries and safety concerns, you as an employer need to be responsible for providing the best PPE to your employees.

Getting high-quality personal protective equipment from wholesale suppliers is the best way to do so.  It is not easy to search among hundreds of such suppliers to find the right one.

This article brings you a list of the best personal protective equipment suppliers across the world. But before that let us see a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing wholesale PPE supplies

How to Choose the Right PPE Wholesale Supplier?

To enhance the safety of workers, it is of utmost importance to have connections with a reliable PPE wholesaler.

Given below are a few things one should keep in mind before choosing a personal protective equipment wholesale supplier.

1.The Range of Available Products

An ideal PPE wholesale supplier will have a wide range of products to offer. Make a list of the needed items and brands, and choose a supplier who can cater to your requirements.

The supplier should offer PPE products of various types within different categories. They should have equipment like gloves, face masks, medical gowns, shields, etc.

Make sure to look for items under each category of PPE. For example, see if the wholesaler offers items for eye protection, that include general safety glasses, laser safety glasses, etc. according to your need.

The wholesaler should offer at least one option at each protection level to ensure maximum safety. In case you do not find what you are looking for, you can ask them to customize certain safety equipment according to your needs.

2. Values

Every business has its own professional and ethical values. The first thing to look for in a PPE supplier partner is the values, vision, and mission around which they operate.

See if they match the ones followed by your company to see if you can trust their products.

If you are looking for quality products certified by ISO or CSR, choose a supplier whose objective is to offer the same.

Doing so will instill in you the confidence that you are supported by a trustable PPE partner.

3. Reliability

A reliable wholesaler offers products that come with the required documents like important certificates.

This allows you to go through the process of ensuring the quality of the products, which is often difficult and time-consuming. It is an important process as the purpose of personal protection equipment is to ensure maximum safety for workers.

Choose a wholesaler that takes care of all the documentation of the equipment so that you don’t have to sweat about it.

You should also be able to rely on the supplier for their understanding of the safety standards.

A reliable PPE wholesale supplier will be familiar with the safety and quality standards of the industry according to the region they focus on.

They will be able to offer solutions and products tailored to comply with all the rules and regulations and meet industrial standards.

They also make sure that their customers use the equipment the right way by providing enough instructions.

Top PPE Suppliers To Check Out Today

1. Honeywell

Honeywell is the leading supplier of PPE equipment in the US with a whopping revenue of $33 billion. They have become a huge brand by expanding their service in over 40 countries. Their PPE products are made to meet the needs of various industries.

Honeywell has acquired the Sperian Protection which has made it one of the biggest names in the PPE industry.

With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, they offer all kinds of safety and protection equipment like hearing protection and eye safety at the best prices.

2. Ansell

Ansell has made its mark in the PPE industry by serving its solutions across multiple fields of work. The safety products of Ansell include Microflex, Alphatec, and Versatouch, along with a few others.

With a revenue of around $2 billion, Ansell is known for its regular investment in creating products of great innovation and marketing them well.

3. Du Pont

DuPont is another popular PPE supplier that has been in the industry since 1802.

They work to bring you the biggest brands of PPE namely Tyvek, Tychem, Nomex, and Kevlar to ensure maximum safety at workplaces.

DuPont launched its first thermal protection testing unit in Singapore to strengthen its relationship with manufacturers and provide the safest experience for workers.

They actively operate in over 80 countries offering products of the best quality in various categories and has a revenue of over $20 billion

DuPont is known for its safety products in various sectors like construction and maintenance, electrical protection, automotive protection, etc. They also serve the firefighter industry, transportation, oil & gas industries

4. Rock Fall

The award-winning PPE supplier based in the UK is known for the safety footwear they sell.

They offer a wide variety of safety footwear across different categories including their electrical hazard range for the European market.

The products of this range are formulated and designed with an insulated sole unit for better performance in conditions of extreme temperatures.

Rock Fall UK works with big names across different industries by supplying their products through Authorized Distribution Partners.

The supplier has also been verified by the Vegan Society, throwing light on the sustainability factor of the brand.

5. CK Wholesale

CK wholesale is one of the most popular wholesale suppliers in the UK, bringing you the most affordable PPE options. They source high-quality PPE and sell them at the lowest prices to provide the best value for money.

CK Wholesale joins hands with various businesses and hospitals to provide top-notch protection equipment.

Their products are tested to meet the certified standards of safety and quality, to ensure a safe working environment.

Choose the right PPE supplier to assist your workers in providing them with the safest working experience.

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