Bring Fresh flowers to surround yourself with enthusiasm 

Flowers can say, love, console in grief, compliment an achievement and applaud companionship. Flowers’ messages have differed tremendously for generations. The flowers indicated different things at different times in different places. Even today, it is unassailable to send along your own written translation when sending a floral message to avoid misunderstanding. 

Apart from their amazing beauty of form, fragrance and texture, there is something more. It is this subtle element of their soul which has given the flower bouquet such a unique place in every civilization. 

Flowers play an incredible role in celebrations like birthday parties, Thanksgiving, success parties, anniversaries and many more. There is a section for every occasion in flowers as every flower signifies different meanings. There is a section for anniversary flowers, birthday flowers, and many more. You should always be well aware of flowers and their significance.

In India, the glorification of God is called Pooja. In the pooja or devotion, place of God, people propose flowers to the ideals or deities to delight them, and with the expectancy, they will best of fortune upon them.

Popular flowers and their significance: 

•The red rose is the king of gifting flowers. It signifies an emotion of complete love and passion. 

•Lilies stand for virtue and stability. It is a sign of elegance and magnificence. 

Below is an explanation of some flowers and their importance: 


These are the flowers of innocence. Trustworthy and classic represents hope. You can gift this to someone who needs encouragement and support. Daisies are a good choice to convey joyful sentiments. 

Dahlia – Flowers

This is the best flower to cheer up a friend who is feeling low. This reminds her of the strength and beauty she possesses. This is a great gift to bring a sense of cheer and motivation into one’s life. 


It symbolises supremacy. Magnolia carries a great fragrance and is white. It is a perfect gift to create an emotional bond with someone. 

Tulips – Flowers

These are the declaration of love. They are a symbol of opportunity, adjustment, progress and aspiration. It is also a symbol of determination. They have a connotation of elegance. You can give it to someone to stimulate them to walk on a suitable path. 

Different colours in tulips, and their significance explain below: 

•Yellow Tulips represent enjoyment. They are perfect for featuring at home to keep the ambience more positive. 

•Red tulips associate with passion. They Are another seasonal choice for a classic Rose.

•Pink tulips represent respect and good wishes. 

•Purple tulips symbolise royalty. It is perhaps the perfect colour of flowers for any sophisticated party.

•White tulips are Best dedicated if you need to apologize. Giving a bunch of these blossoms is an easy way of saying sorry. 


Lotus is the national flower of India and likewise, there is a lot of fictitious significance and relations to flowers with Indian gods and goddesses. More than any other culture of the world in Indian mythology, Goddess Lakshmi is portrayed as established on a pink lotus Saraswati on a white one. 

Lotus is associated with Lord Brahma, the creator, who is depicted as seated on a lotus arising from the navel of Lord Vishnu. 

Lotus symbols are different patterns and form part of many layouts of embellishment in more temporal contexts. 

For Buddhists, the Lotus symbolizes superiority, fertility, prosperity, proficiency and enlightenment. 

Rose – Flowers

There are varieties of colours available in Rose: 

•Red roses signify sweetheart and romance and are a perfect gift for a date night or anniversary. 

•Pink roses are said to represent appreciation. You can give it to someone as a brilliant Thank you gift. 

•Yellow roses symbolise companionship. This is a perfect surprise for a friend who means a lot to you.

•White Roses represent integrity and virtue. This is why they are once a very popular choice of bridal roses.

Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Calcutta is highly famous for its architecture, museums, art galleries, traditional food, Temples and flowers. You can now also send a flower delivery in Kolkata, from anywhere around the world, you can send flowers to someone who is close to you and make their day more cheerful and positive. 

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