Buying Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale – Things to Know as a New Retailer

Electronic cigarettes have become popular among the millennial’s of the UK in the past few years.

Since the demand for e-cigarettes has risen among consumers, starting a retail store for it might seem like a great idea. But nothing can go your way if you are not really informed about the complications behind it.

The article discusses a few things to keep in mind before you set out to start a retail store for e-cigarette accessories. We also take a look at some reasons why you can count on e-cigarette suppliers in the UK to support your retail business.

Things New Retailers Should Keep in Mind

Like any business, starting a new retail store for e-cigarettes is also a tedious and time-consuming task. But if you consider a few things beforehand, the whole process can get much easier for you.

1. Be Aware of local rules and regulations

The licenses and certificates that you require as a retailer in the smoking accessories business are different from other industries. You need to spend time familiarizing yourself with the legal requirements and documents that are necessary for you to run such a store.

Usually, the laws and other regulations surrounding traditional smoking shops are the same for e-cigarette shops as well.

But it is always better to talk to your local authorities to understand if there are separate rules for shops in your locality. Doing so can save you time and stop you from landing in further complications.

Electronic Cigarette Trade Association is a source for procuring e-cigarettes if you are a small reseller. Their members go through audits to make sure that they comply with all the UK and EU regulations applicable to e-cigarette shops.

2. Be Cautious of Chinese Products

Buying Chinese products can be one of the first thoughts that came to your mind as a small business owner.

But it can be a tricky business as Chinese e-cigarettes may necessarily not comply with your local regulations or even the national ones.

Fake sellers are also one reason why should not go ahead with the idea of procuring e-cigarettes from China. The seller may be found to indulge in fraudulent activities or can offer poor-quality items.

3. Be Careful about the Claims you Make

As a retail store owner, it is your responsibility to not spread misinformation to your customers.

Electronic cigarettes have been found to be helpful for people trying to quit smoking.

Even though this is the case, in the UK and the US you still cannot claim that e-cigarettes help people quit smoking

You can tell your customers that smoking e-cigarettes is safer than using tobacco. But you can do this only if you are in the UK. In the US or any other country, you will be seen as making false health claims.

4. Choose your Products Wisely

The products you sell are what make you a reliable store owner. Your consumers look up to your store or turn away from it depending on the quality of products and the variety you offer.

  • Research what products are in great demand in your locality and keep stocking up products according to current trends.
  • Make sure to include a wide variety of e-cigarettes and accessories that can attract all kinds of consumers.

They can be people who have been smoking for a long time or those who have recently started indulging in e-smoking. Your customers can also be people who are looking for specific brands or variants of products.

  • Also look at including traditional tobacco products along with e-cigarettes and accessories. There might be people who enter your shop looking for tobacco or cigars and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them.

5. Order high-quality inventory from wholesalers

The biggest and most important step you can take for your retail business in e-cigarettes would be contacting a wholesaler. They’ll make sure that your shopping aisles are always occupied with the latest e-cigarettes and other smoking accessories.

Go through a quick Google search or ask other retailers for suggestions regarding trustable wholesalers.

Given below are a few more reasons why a wholesaler can be your biggest form of support while starting an e-cigarette business.

Why Choose a Wholesaler as a Retailer?

As mentioned above, a wholesaler can best support your business in multiple ways. Let us discuss a few of them

1. Gain huge profits

Wholesalers supply e-cigarettes and smoking accessories to retail stores at low costs per unit. This allows you as a retail store owner to make great profits by selling them at higher prices.

The low prices that wholesalers offer also let you compete with bigger brands and stores as a small business.

2. Get Easy Access to Products

You can easily get the desired e-cigarettes and accessories in bulk by contacting a wholesaler. An inventory with high-quality items is necessary for any business.

It ensures that your customers leave your store with a happy face, and even consider revisiting your store.

A quick phone call or a website visit would be enough for you to get your needed items delivered to your store.

3. Safe and Genuine Products of High Quality

Customers can take a second guess when they are purchasing products that come with health risks. And it is your responsibility to ensure that only high-quality e-cigarettes that comply with safety standards reach your customers.

You do not have to be skeptical about the quality of e-cigarettes sold at low costs when they are from a trustable wholesaler.

4. Great Variety of E-cigarettes and Accessories

As said before, you need to ensure that you sell a wide variety of e-cigarettes and accessories at your store.

The best source of such a wide collection of products would be a reliable wholesaler. They will be able to bring you smoking accessories from brands that are out of your reach at the best prices.

Check with the other retailers to find the best wholesale e-cigarette supplier for your retail store today. They will make sure that your store is up and running with the hottest smoking supplies!

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