India is Celebrating Deepavali 2022 In These Unique Ways

Restrain individuals for the time being, and watch them spring to action like never before. Isn’t the charm of festivals regained, in extended intensity, after the world hit the pandemic?

With the normalizing of the situation, the pace at which individuals are celebrating festivals and other special occasions has seen manifolds. 

With the festival of lights, Diwali, approaching next week, families are making unique plans this year. The festival has now emerged to be more than just cleaning the house, buying clothes, offering prayers, decorating the homes, and bursting crackers. Now, individuals are performing Diwali rituals and utilizing their holidays in a fascinating manner. 

Why celebrate Diwali in a Unique Manner?

The people of Ayodhya welcomed their king, Lord Rama, along with their Queen Sita, and Lakshman in a unique manner by lighting up the earthen lamps. This tradition has been persistent over the years but with a shrinking charm. Celebration of the festival in a distinctive method helps regain the charisma of the festival over the years. Hence, people look for alternatives to add more value to the festivity and make it a celebration for which they eagerly wait. 

Now, let’s have a look at how India is celebrating Diwali this year – . 

Travel-Wali Diwali

Travel agencies are claiming that 90% of their packages got packed for Diwali this year in September itself. Families, not just couples, have booked packages for national and international destinations. The unexplored places during the pandemic are all set to be all smiles with these gatherings. Moreover, these agents also mentioned people booking private yachts, apart from opting for Cruise packages. From trying simple things such as wearing the same clothes to adventures, traveling families are experimenting with new activities on their vacations. Thus giving an all-new representation to the festival – Travel Wali Diwali.

Eco-Friendly Diwali 

Awareness about the presence of chemicals in rangoli colors & crackers and their ill effects has taken an upward shift. Hence, the term eco-friendly is gaining vogue. Individuals are choosing to make rangolis using flower petals, spices or homemade organic powder. Individuals are decorating their houses using Fresh flowers to deliver a natural fragrance and give a better look to their houses when compared to plastic flowers. Everyone is talking about replacing chemical crackers with Eco-friendly crackers. All in all, families are getting aware of the alarming consequences of using these chemicals and are trying to celebrate it in an eco-friendly manner. 

Call Us Home-Town 

Recently, we have witnessed individuals talking about going to their roots to spend time with their extended families. This trend is gaining popularity among many families, and Diwali is considered an opportunity for not only a festive celebration but also a grand event. If the members of a family are huge, they book caterers and even call event organizers to conduct various activities and turn the 5 Days Of Diwali 2022 into a huge celebration. 

Fun Fiesta

Families are now partaking in a series of parties. They talk to their extended family or friends group, and whoever is interested, turn by turn, will be throwing parties. From serving lavish meals to organizing various competitions and games, this kind of fiesta is everybody’s favorite. This will continue for several days, and everyone will enthusiastically keep surprising each other by coming up with new ideas. 

Hobby Time

Working professionals seldom get time to work on their hobbies. So, a few are waiting for such a holiday week to passionately and full-fledged give time to their pursuits. These holidays are utilized the most by individuals who like to go on a trek or do adventures such as paragliding, scuba diving, parachuting, etc. Individuals are further planning to take their time out to read novels, learn new courses, watch series/movies, or do anything that they are unable to do due to time constraints.

Say ‘Hello’ In Person 

Each time you call your extended families living in other cities to greet them for Diwali, they will repeat their concern that you don’t pay a visit to them. So, this Diwali, individuals have shared their plans to amaze their loved ones by paying a visit to their paternal or maternal houses. 

Leisure ‘Days Out’

Not everyone is planning something on Diwali; some individuals are looking forward to a relaxing week during the one-week break. The no-plan Diwali is generally planned by individuals tired of the rush in their daily lives. It also includes the category of individuals living in other cities for work and wishing to spend quality time with their families in their hometown. 

Diwali is the best time to visit your family and friends and spend time with them. Mentioned above are the different ways India is celebrating Deepavali 2022. Let us know in the comments section, in case you have plans that are not listed above. 

Wishing you all ‘A Diwali that makes you happy’.

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