Centricity vs. CharmHealth: Which Is Best For Healthcare?

Although both offer similar features and pricing, Centricity EMR is more affordable than ChARM EMR. Both offer the same functionality and integrate with the same systems. Both have similar designs. Which one is best for you? Find out more about each. We compare the two healthcare software solutions.

CharmHealth is a great choice for small medical offices. The interface is simple and easy to use. It comes with responsive HTML5 technologies, which can be used across multiple platforms. It is mobile-compatible, making it perfect for telehealth. Charm Health doesn’t charge sales tax. You don’t have to choose which healthcare software you use. Before making a decision, you should carefully review the pricing and features.

Both products provide comprehensive functionality and support for their users. Although both products are affordable, you may be limited in the number of records and user licenses that you can use. Enterprise plans allow unlimited users for practice and E prescriptions. These features are likely to cost more. Enterprise plans offer additional features like TeleHealth, unlimited user accounts and E-prescriptions.

What is Charm Health?

Charm Health provides a cloud-based, health care system. It is a central hub for all health professionals. You can choose from a variety of pricing options and add ons to make your experience unique, including a free package.

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Providers can keep in touch with their patients using the EHR, telehealth, or patient portal. They can also digitally store and retrieve information. RCM and medical billing allow health care professionals to spend more time with patients and less on managing the financial details of their practice.

The Essential Features

Audio/Video Consultations You can meet patients virtually using secure audio/video calling while still adhering to HIPAA regulations.

Secure Messaging Use secure text-based communication to communicate securely with colleagues and patients while strictly adhering to HIPAA regulations. Read Also : braces

No need to download: Tablets or laptops can access a variety of medical programs, without having to download any software. Download a mobile app to get instant access on the go.

Screen sharing: Patients and providers can screen share information in two-way. This allows you to share information with clients and send documents to patients.

Connection Speed This adapts according to users’ connections and provides better clientele coverage. When connections are below a threshold, audio should only be switched to.

Share compliance documents with patients before you schedule an appointment. Instead of filling out forms and wasting time, focus your attention on the client’s needs.

Multi-user SessionsMeet multiple health care professionals. Facilitate provider collaboration and ensure that all members are kept informed about patient’s progress.

Local Recording Refer back to previous consultations with clients using recording functionalities.

Kiosk – Patients and doctors can communicate remotely using a kiosk.

Pricing for Centricity

CharmHealth is less expensive than the industry average.

Charm Health pricing is based upon three plans: Provider, Encounter, and Free.

Charm Health Free Plan is free and allows you to have 50 visits per year. You can add on to this plan. Flexible and pay-as you-go, the Encounter Plan allows you to select from a range of options. Each encounter costs $0.50 and requires a minimum $25 monthly. Additional features include task and inventory management. Read Also : Ceramic Braces

The Provider Plan pricing is $350 per month. The Provider Plan includes all the features of Encounter Plan plus 100GB storage. It also allows for electronic prescription. All plans come with add-ons.

CharmHealth ranks 4. The following article will show you how to calculate the total cost of CharmHealth. This includes customization, data migration and training.

What is Centricity software?

Centricity is an electronic health record system (EHR), that provides support for practices both clinically and administratively. Centricity practice management is a tool that allows doctors and administrators to manage all aspects of running a practice. This includes scheduling appointments, billing and follow-ups. The Centricity portal allows you to access patient data and electronic medical records from Centricity.

The Essential Features

Appointment management: Manage special equipment and exam rooms. Schedule appointments and monitor the at-risk patients. Scheduling can be almost automated, increasing exam room utilization and decreasing no-shows by sending reminders to patients.

Health Analytics This allows for the identification of patient patterns and provides information to health organizations about how they compare with other practices. These analytics are designed to improve the health of a specific group.

E–Prescribing This allows doctors to directly send refill requests to pharmacies and also checks for drug-to drug or drug-to allergy interactions based on the patient’s current medications and diagnosis. This tool allows medication tracking and reduces medication errors.

Billing Management This software automates billing and payments by sending invoices to patients automatically and notifying them about upcoming payments. All code errors are automatically corrected before claims are submitted. This allows for faster reimbursement and higher acceptance rates.

Voice Recognition/Handwriting: You can use voice recognition and handwriting tools to quickly and easily create charts and reports. Software adapts to user’s practice and lets them use real-life terminology rather than specific codes.

Self Service Portal: Doctors and patients can both access the portal to communicate remotely. The portal can be used by patients to schedule appointments, pay their bills, or perform other tasks. Patients can also use the portal to send and save messages to their doctors.

Pricing for Centricity

Centricity EMR costs 9.8 less than its competitors. There aren’t many options for flexible plans available to customers. You can read the article below to learn more about the total cost of ownership (TCO), which includes data migration, customization, training, and hardware maintenance.

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Comparison of Charmhealth and Centricity

Two Electronic Health Record (EHRs) systems that are used by doctors and other healthcare professionals are Centricity, and Charmhealth. While both systems have many benefits and features, there are key differences. Centricity provides web-based access to patient records, scheduling information, and billing information. It has built-in templates that can be used for common charting tasks. This makes it easy for providers and patients to record their visits. Charmhealth is a mobile-based EHR, which includes robust features to manage patient records, schedule appointments and submit claims. The system also has a wide range of customization options that allow providers to tailor it to their needs. Charmhealth and Centricity both offer a free trial period so that providers can test each system before committing to it.


Both Centricity and CharmHealth are top-of the-line EHRs. However, each system has its own unique features. We are happy to show you both systems so you can compare them in detail. If you have any questions regarding either system, or how they might benefit your medical practice in the meantime, don’t hesitate contact us. We are happy to assist!


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