Check The Facts About The Best Cat 8 Ethernet Cables

People using computer desktops at home to professionals using the internet in the data centers, the IT networks are expanding and technology is being upgraded to match the demands of these professionals. Proper infrastructure cabling ensures maximum speed and performance. IT managers designing or upgrading networks have a variety of cabling options, including when and where to use Cat8 cabling.

What is Cat 8 Ethernet Cable? 

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable or Category 8 Cable is the latest IEEE standard for copper Ethernet cable. This represents a significant improvement in data transfer speeds over previous Cat7 and Cat6a cables, uses standard RJ45 connectors, and is backward compatible with previous standards.  The primary difference between other variants of Cat cable and Cat 8 cable is the shielding. As part of the cable jacket,  shielded or shielded twisted pair (STP) cables use a layer of conductive material to protect the inner conductors from electromagnetic interference (EMI), resulting in faster data transmission rates and less error. Cat8 cables take this one step further, wrapping each twisted pair in foil to virtually eliminate crosstalk and deliver faster data transfer speeds. The result is a thick cable that is very stiff and difficult to install in tight spaces.

How fast is Cat 8 cable? Cat8 is the fastest Ethernet cable ever. Data transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps are four times faster than Cat6a and support bandwidths up to 2 GHz (four times the standard Cat6a bandwidth) for reduced latency and superior signal quality. 

Let us look at some of the differences between Cat 8 and other versions in terms of speed length and frequency

Cat 6Cat 6aCat 7Cat 8
Frequency – 250 MHzFrequency – 500 MHzFrequency – 600 MHzFrequency – 2000 MHz
Maximum Speed – 1 GbpsMaximum Speed – 10 GbpsMaximum Speed – 10 GbpsMaximum Speed – 40 Gbps
Maximum Length – 328 ftMaximum Length – 328 ftMaximum Length – 328 ftMaximum Length – 98 ft

What is the Cat 8 cable used for?

The Cat 8 Ethernet cable is ideal for switch-to-switch communication in data centers and server rooms where 25GBase-T and 40GBase-T networks are common. Its RJ45 end connects standard network equipment such as switches and routers, enabling 25G or 40G network upgrades without the need for a complete equipment overhaul. The Shielded Foil Twisted Pair (S/FTP) construction has a shield around each pair of wires in the cable to reduce near-end crosstalk (NEXT) and a braid around groups of pairs to reduce congestion. It reduces EMI/RFI line noise in your network.

Should I use a Cat-8 Ethernet cable for gaming?

Yes, you can use Cat8 for gaming, but this is actually designed for high-speed switches switching traffic in data centers. Also, heavier Cat8 cables are very stiff and difficult to install and terminate. A better and cheaper choice for the best Ethernet cables for “future proof” home networking and gaming is Cat6 or Cat6a cables.

Does Cat 8 work with the router?

Yes. However, Cat 6a is sufficient for most home applications. Cat 8 cables are overkill as most home networking devices cannot run at Cat 8 speeds. Much faster than most people need, Cat-8 cables are great for data center applications.

Is Cat 8 worth it?

 Cat 8 speeds are theoretical, so older devices that aren’t capable of 40 Gbps just because they have the right cables can’t keep up. The transmission speed of a network depends on the ability of all connected components to operate at high speeds. If not, there’s no point in using a faster cable and you’d be better off with the earlier, cheaper version.Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 catch up with Cat8 in frequency and speed. You can’t do that, but it’s much better suited for home applications.

Some of the best Cat 8 Ethernet Cable available in the US

  • Dacrown Shielded Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
  • DbillionDa Heavy Duty Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
  • Zosion RJ45 Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
  • Smolink 10ft Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
  • Orbam High Speed Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
  • Vabogu Professional Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
  • Kasimo Cat 8 Network Cable
  • Deego High Speed Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

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