Cineworld – The Best Cinema Ever!

Cineworld is the best cinema I have ever been to. Why? It has the biggest. Comfiest and most luxurious seats. It’s always squeaky clean and you can even get an ice cream and popcorn before the film starts! Plus, it’s never too crowded. Which means that if there are two films you want to see on at the same time. You’ll never be disappointed by not getting tickets to one of them! In short, Cineworld is just AMAZING and I can’t wait to go again!


Situated right in a busy shopping centre. Meaning there’s plenty of people around to make you feel safe while you’re there. It has disabled access and an adapted toilet with baby changing facilities on both male and female toilets. Which makes it really easy for mums with small children or those who have mobility issues to get out and about without having to worry too much about being able to go. With plenty of shops close by as well as food places that are located in the same area. Cineworld is pretty much heaven for me. I would highly recommend it for both adults and children alike. And don’t even get me started on their Unlimited card… I will never go anywhere else again!


It doesn’t matter if you go for popcorn or a hotdog, both will make your movie experience that much better. Eating before you enter an event is always something I would recommend as it will reduce your over-eating and help you stick to your plan when everyone else is eating too. Cineworld has a pretty good selection of foods for me at least so I get myself some potato wedges. Followed by a chicken breast fillet. Now that my tummy is full from food (but not too full!). And ready to take on a movie, I head straight over to see what time my film starts.


There is no such thing as bad seating at Cineworld. From D-Box seats (at select locations). That allow you to physically FEEL what’s happening on screen to X-view screens where you can watch films without ever having to turn your head. You’ll never have a bad seat at Cineworld. Another major benefit of choosing a Cineworld cinema over other theaters is that they take your seat selection seriously. They know that every customer wants a good view of every screen and every auditorium is configured differently. So they try really hard to get it right…and most often succeed!

Screen Quality

When you go to see a film at Cineworld. Chances are you’re going to want to focus on what’s happening up on screen. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we make sure that all of our screens are nothing short of perfect – and we don’t stop there. We care about everything that you experience when you come in to see a film with us. Which is why in every auditorium. Your chair will be comfortable, there will be enough leg room for everyone and they’ll have reclining seats as standard.

Customer Service

The cinema industry is an industry that truly caters to its customers. In a world where customer service is continuously deteriorating. Cineworld does their best to stand out from other cinemas with amazing customer service. As most cinemas do not have polite staff or clean seats. It can be hard to get out of your comfort zone and venture into one of these terrible places but Cineworld has very kind staff who keep their cinema in a pristine condition. When you are inside any Cineworld cinema you will always be satisfied with what you see on screen and what surrounds you inside. I urge everyone to make a trip to your nearest Cineworld as they are truly The Best Cinema Ever!

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