credit card travel insurance

credit card travel insurance

Today we are going to talk to you about credit card travel insurance since it is a subject that many are unaware of and I believe that with this information we can help you.
On our first trip around the world to Asia, we met a couple who had been traveling for 4 months and we asked them about their travel insurance, their answer is that they had VISA card travel insurance but they didn’t know anything else, or where to call, or what coverage it had, they only knew that all VISA cards have insurance, something is true, not all have travel insurance but it is good to know something more and read the fine print in these cases.
Also 2 weeks ago we traveled to New York to continue recording the video guide of NYC   and we coincided on a tour with a couple who traveled to this city without travel insurance, we asked them if they knew how much an appendicitis operation was worth in the United States and of course, they had no idea, we told them $45,000 and they were amazed!!! Let’s say that because they didn’t know they went to this country without travel insurance.
With this post, apart from giving you information about credit card travel insurance, we want to explain that healthcare outside of Spain is not like here and that in certain places like the United States if you don’t have good travel insurance you can go bankrupt.

credit card travel insurance

To start, here we leave you the numbers of the last appendicitis operation that our insurance company Iati Seguros processed.

1. the United States appendicitis operation price

2. Credit card travel insurance coverage

The coverage of these insurances depends on the bank and each card, normally they all include minimum insurance and can be:

  • life insurance
  • Damage or loss insurance
  • luggage insurance
  • Theft or loss of insurance
  • insurance fraud
  • and sometimes what interests us, is travel insurance

So as the first piece of advice, we recommend asking your bank how safe your card is. In the case of having travel insurance, ask what medical coverage it has, has them print the policy for you, and read the small print because you can find these things that we are going to tell you and you will see that this type of travel insurance is not useful for you.

3. Credit and debit card travel insurance. What really goes into it?

After having asked your office about VISA card travel insurance, we talked about some of them, explaining what could be used to travel and what could not, ok?
Most cards have travel accident insurance, but the safest thing is that it is minimal or that you only get what you pay with the credit card, that is, public transport accident insurance (We explain it to you) If you buy a plane ticket and pay with your credit or debit card, the insurance will come in if something happens to you on the plane, but not afterward. For example, this is what we find on the VISA page.

Insurance coverage of up to 250,000 dollars…very good, but only if something happens in the transport, that is, if your plane or the bus you are on has problems and you paid for the transport with the card. Yes, in some types of VISA you get good travel insurance, that is, when you are already at your destination, but this is one of the things that you have to look at and ask the bank.

4. Other examples of credit and debit card travel insurance

We have also been looking at the EVO bank credit card travel insurance, which is a card that comes with this insurance. It has coverage for damage to luggage, flight delay, civil liability and, most importantly, medical assistance abroad. The issue is that we open the policy that you can see on their website and of course, you read the fine print and it says that the medical coverage is 10,000 euros , that is, if you go to the United States it is what the hospital bed would be worth 5 days, after pay yourself the 45,000 euros for the operation, the ambulance… and you will return ruined for not spending 30-40 euros on good insurance.

The other day in our video of 7 discounts to travel to New York we talked about the travel insurance that we use and that it was not good to travel thinking that you have travel insurance with a credit card. One of our followers Jose Antonio told us that he surely had his with his card:

I have a BBVA account, and I had a debit and credit card (Visa). In addition, he had a card to accumulate Iberia points, with the Iberia Plus program. The program that Iberia has is called Iberia Cards and  the cards that I use are those of the Sendo Classic class , come on, the normal ones,  The cost of the cards is €45 per year, and includes free accident insurance and other assistance in travel. 

Accident insurance covers up to €360,600 as long as the ticket has been purchased with one of the two Iberia Sendo cards and  Travel assistance insurance covers up to €6,000 here the coverage

For very few trips, it may be worth a health coverage of €6,000 or €10,000 , warn again that certain cards bring good insurance but they will be the PREMIUM ones .

5. What is the best travel insurance if the credit card does not work for me?

We have been traveling with Iati Seguros since 2008. Why? covers all our services, it has always worked perfectly for us as we commented in the post iati insurance opinions.
They have a variety of insurances that adapt to your trip, for travel insurance to the United States we always hire the Iati Estrella travel insurance, with health coverage of 100,000 euros, a good coverage if we compare it with the 6,000 of credit cards, but it also has a backpacker Iati option designed for this type of trip and the one we catch when we go to ASIA.
Although since we had the girl and during the trip around the world we hired the Iati family
As you can see, there is a lot of variety and the most important thing in this insurance apart from the medical coverage is that you never have to advance money, if something happens you call and they take care of everything, besides the service is in Spanish.

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