CureMD EMR, Patient Portal, and Practice Management Software

CureMD EMR is an innovative, cloud-based, integrated service provider that enables a seamless exchange of information between systems and platforms. This allows for better collaboration and patient safety. With this solution, decision-making is simplified and the overall process of care is streamlined, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. CureMD also offers built-in functionality that helps you manage value-based care programs and collections.

The interoperability Function Helps You Make Better Diagnoses

CureMD’s interoperability function helps you make better diagnoses, while the eClinicalWorks EHR’s virtual assistant can access the patient’s progress notes. It also offers helpful resources, instructional videos, and the ability to compare side-by-side notes. The CureMD platform also enables healthcare professionals to automate workflow, comprehend existing procedures, and regenerate workflow.

CureMD’s cloud-based EMR is designed for physicians, by physicians. It has been recognized as one of the top twenty EHRs in Medical Economics and has specialty-rich content and decision-support tools to meet physician needs. This EHR software also allows for customized settings, making it easy to tailor to the way you practice.

Interoperability software enables data to move from disparate medical records to other systems, maintaining their meaning. It eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual processes and automates the processing of information from other systems. Currently, 87% of healthcare providers use manual and paper processes, which require manual entry and a high risk of error.

Cloud-based Platform

CureMD’s Cloud-based platform is an enterprise practice management system for healthcare providers. This system integrates patient demographics, scheduling, electronic billing, and administrative reporting to streamline care and improve productivity. The CureMD EMR systems suite of applications also enables physicians to meet industry standards and ensure compliance. Its flexible architecture streamlines business processes and eliminates unnecessary overheads. Its point-and-click technology makes it easy to use.

Because CureMD is cloud-based, you won’t have to invest in new hardware or software. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. The system is highly customizable and supports unique practice workflows and styles. CureMD also features a backup system and advanced security features. It will keep your patient information secure.

CureMD’s EHR is an integrated solution that supports nearly every type of medical practice, from primary care to specialty care. It is flexible and affordable, and it helps your practice remain compliant and up-to-date with patient safety requirements. It also features a patient portal that allows patients to interact with their doctors.

Patient Portal

CureMD EHR, patient portal, and practice management software solutions are designed to empower medical practices and keep them compliant with industry standards while simplifying decision-making and boosting efficiency. Its comprehensive, integrated system connects front-office and back-office operations, eliminating communication barriers and synchronizing operations to maximize service throughput. CureMD’s cloud-based EHR software includes a patient portal, practice management, and unlimited support.

The CureMD EMR patient portal allows patients to monitor their own treatment, book appointments, and communicate with their physicians. It supports HIPAA and Meaningful Use mandates and is available in both English and Spanish. It is flexible and easy to implement. It also meets security and privacy standards.

CureMD’s patient portal integrates payment processing, allowing physicians to accept self-pay patients, offer payment plans, and provide patient education and guidance. CureMD also offers e-Fax, credit card processing, patient statements, and transcription services. CureMD’s streamlined approach ensures compliance with industry standards and best practices while saving time and maximizing ROI for member practices.

Billing Services

CureMD provides a complete suite of EMR billing services to streamline and simplify the billing process. The platform connects your front and back-end operations, eliminating communication gaps, improving efficiency, and accelerating service throughput. The solution features a workflow editor, template library, auto note, and an integrated knowledge base. It also supports gold-certified e-prescribing, electronic eligibility, and appointment reminders. Its comprehensive solution also provides streamlined workflow across all departments, resulting in increased claim accuracy and faster claim turn-around time.

CureMD’s EMR billing service offers software that can be used on iPads and iPhones. In addition, the software includes a patient portal that can be accessed via the internet. In addition to the intuitive software, the solution also offers extensive training sessions, including five hours of online training per provider. This training can vary depending on the specific needs of the practice.

CureMD provides healthcare organizations with the latest technology to stay competitive. Its SMART Cloud platform combines advanced EMR software, practice management, and patient portals, with unlimited support. It also helps providers stay compliant and secure. In addition, CureMD provides a customizable solution for a variety of settings, including hospitals and small specialty clinics.

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