Desert Safari Dubai is a unique tour

The desert safari in Dubai is unique for several reasons besides the fact that you can take part in many activities during this safari. First of all, the scenery you see on a safari is beautiful. After your safari, you can stay overnight at the campground to continue watching this wonder, which will make your desert safari in Dubai even more special. Another unique feature of the Dubai Desert Safari is that you can choose the time that suits you best: morning, afternoon or evening. Nowhere in the world you will find a rich cultural program that complements evening and night safaris with bright entertainment. Friendly staff, friendly and professional guides and drivers complete your Dubai desert safari experience.

Timings for the Desert Safari tour

The following desert safaris are timings for the Safari tour. You can make your bookings for the desert Safari tour during these timings. Now, you can get the best experience with the Safari tour. You can avail your leisure time among the beautiful deserts. This is the best opportunity for you. You should avail this opportunity for a better experience of desert tour. Surely, you would have a better deal with the desert Safari Dubai tour.

Timings Chart for you

Have a look at the desert Safari timings. Follow this schedule to prevent your searching time. You can make your life full of joy and happiness with the desert Safari Dubai tour.

  • Evening desert safari from 15:30 to 21:30 2.
  • Desert safari on a Hummer for the public for 24 hours3. The hot air balloon desert safari is available from April 30th. Only available in the morning.
  • The morning desert safari, as the name suggests, can only be done in the morning when the sun rises5.
  • Camel safari is available from 08:00 to 18:00.
  • Evening desert safari after sunset 7. Desert safari with BBQ dinner starts in the afternoon and ends after BBQ dinner8. Desert Safari 4×49. Start your private night safari and watch the stars after sunset.

Outfit suggestions for you on tour

Since you’re going on an adventure, it’s best to wear loose, loose clothing that won’t stick to your body. Men may wear trousers or shorts with a brightly colored shirt, especially on morning safaris. Women can wear comfortable jeans or sportswear. Avoid tight clothing or clothing that interferes with sand skiing or sand walking. Complete your outfit with comfortable buckle sandals. Do not wear shoes as sand can get inside and make walking difficult.

  • Suggestions for men

The men should wear only a few number of outfits. You should wear loose clothes. You should not wear tight clothes. The tight clothes will create different kinds of problems for you. Therefore, you should not weartightly bounded clothes. You will not feel ease in the tight clothes. Because you have to make different kinds of stunts during the tour. It will create a lit of hurdles in your stunts if you wear uncomfortable outfits. So, men are suggested to carry loose trousers and shirts. Moreover, the Dubai deserts contain almost unbearable heat. In summer season, it would be difficult for you to bear that kind of heat. So, you should wear loose clothes for the heat exchange of your body. The heat may be penetrate in your body. Therefore, choose comfortable outfits for your comfort and ease. In this way, you would feel confident and freshly.

  • Suggestions for women

Women want to wear fashionable dresses. They also wear skin tight clothes. But if you are going to the desert tour, then wear loose clothes. You should wear comfortable outfits for a better enjoyment. You would not be able to enjoy if you will be wearing skin tight clothes. For this purpose, make sure to get the best quality outfits. You can use a lot of brands clothes. You have the opportunity to get these brands discount deals through HotUKdeals. So, make your positive mind set for the desert Safari Dubai tour. Also, buy the best quality and loose clothes for your comfort and ease.

Burj Khalifa Tour

No trip to Dubai is complete without taking in the stunning views from the top of the Burj Khalifa. The lower observation deck is called “Upstairs” and is located at an altitude of 452 meters. A state-of-the-art telescope installed on the observation deck on the 124th floor allows you to visually explore the world below. Discover the best entertainment at Burj Khalifa while enjoying a live fountain show from the observation deck. You can see the fountain spewing over 20,000 gallons of water into the air. More than 5,000 incandescent lamps were used to beautifully illuminate this beautiful fountain. The fountain plays a variety of songs, from contemporary Arabic music to classical and world music.

  • Your enjoyment level at Burj khalifa

You can visit Burj khalifa with the desert Safari tour. It is the best opportunity for you to visit this building. People from all over the world come to visit this building. You will enjoy a lot during this visiting time. Moreover, you would get different things to learn. You can visit with all the other visitors. In this way, you can have a better experience of visiting. You can talk with the high clouds at the top roof of the Burj khalifa. Therefore, make your positive mind set to go for the visit of Burj khalifa. Certainly, you will learn a lot of things from the desert tour.

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Closing Thought

To sum up, I would like to say that the desert Safari Dubai tour is a great chance for you to enjoy yourself. People from all over the world come to visit the desert of Dubai. Also, you can book the Safari tour to be amused at the best level. It is obvious that you will suggest your family and friends about the desert Safari tour. Moreover, you have the option to get a lot of discount deals for the desert tour.

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