Developmental Disability Services

When deciding on developmental disability services for your child, it’s important to understand your options. You can choose to work with an agency that specializes in helping individuals with disabilities or an independent provider. In the latter case, the parent serves as the employer, and a case manager is available to help parents navigate the systems.

The developmentally disabled need a variety of services. SpectraCare provides residential and community-based services to these individuals. Additionally, they provide case management services to family members. These services help families cope with the stress of providing care to a person who needs assistance.

The agency also provides respite care to family members.

SpectraCare is a nonprofit organization in Alabama that provides integrated healthcare services for people with disabilities. The organization has 55 programs and provides services to thousands of people each year. These include developmental disability services, behavioral health services, and community outreach programs. The mission of the organization is to support recovery, encourage wellness, and inspire hope.

The company is facing a $1 million fine for its violations. The United States government and the Alabama Medicaid Agency will each collect approximately half of the penalty, while the remainder will go to a whistleblower who brought the case to light. The company is unlikely to admit wrongdoing, but the $1 million fine should deter it from future illegal practices.

  • Individuals with developmental disabilities

Individuals with developmental disabilities can access a variety of services that include transitional employment and case management. These programs support the transition from school to community living. Some of these services include: Day habilitation programs, residential habilitation, case management, and supported employment. There are also a variety of socialization and recreation programs that allow people with disabilities to participate in community activities.
The Foundling

The Foundling is a New York City organization providing comprehensive developmental disability services to more than 27,000 children and families annually. Founded in 1869, the organization has been a source of help to children, youth and families in need for over 125 years. Its mission is to empower

children and families experiencing a range of difficulties.

. Typically, the goal of participants is to find paid employment, so The Foundling provides job coaches to help them find and land a job. Job coaches are supportive and encourage participants to achieve their employment goals.

These services include advocacy and evaluations. The organization also offers specialized services in the area of trauma-based therapy. Families can use these services to address academic concerns and issues

. The Foundling also offers services to children

Some of these individuals are able to live independently or in the care of a family member, but others require intense round-the-clock care and extensive medical needs. The Foundling provides comprehensive services and programs for these adults in New York City and Westchester.

Jill Gentile has over 35 years of experience serving people with disabilities. She oversees the overall delivery of supports in The Foundling’s DD Division. Prior to joining The Foundling, Jill Gentile began her career at a private, non-profit agency in Connecticut. Jill has a passion for providing individualized self-directed services for people with disabilities Enquired disability Service Melbourne

self-directed services for people with disabilities.

AHRC NYC provides a variety of services for individuals with developmental disabilities. The program consists of a variety of classes and experiences in the community.


Individuals with disabilities can receive support in a number of ways, including residential care and employment training. Individuals can also receive services for socialization and recreation.. Through these programs, AHRC New York City can help individuals meet their needs and live a more independent life.

organization that offers a variety of services to people with disabilities

New York City’s AHRC is a family-owned and operated organization that offers a variety of services to people with disabilities. These services include care coordination, educational advocacy, sibling services, and residential services.

Individuals with developmental disabilities can access psychological and social evaluations to determine the nature and extent of their developmental disability. These assessments will determine if they are eligible for particular services and programs. Psychosocial evaluations develop a deeper understanding of the individual within the context of his or her family and social environment. Counseling is also available for individuals with developmental disabilities and their family members.

developmental disabilities and their family members

Spectrum for Living, a nonprofit organization in New Jersey, helps adults with developmental disabilities live full and productive lives. Its services include quality housing and clinical services provided in the homes of clients and their families. Donations to the organization’s auction items are a welcome way to support its mission and help those with disabilities reach their full potential.

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