Do you remember the snake game? the classics always come back

The classics always come back in movies, in music and, why not, also in video games. The great titles of the past, with which we spend long hours in front of the screens, resurface. This is the case of the snake game and other classics that we remind you of today.

The video game industry always has one foot in the past. Perhaps it is because the market is lacking in ideas, investment, or desire. Or simply because the nostalgia of the gamers has great weight. The truth is that there are titles that have already become great classics, whose graphics or designs are not spectacular, but which resurface over time. This is the case of the snake game , Tetris , Pac-Man , and so many others who are reluctant to say goodbye.

What happened to the snake game?

Surely many remember the Snake or snake game , the title that became legendary after being included in Nokia terminals.

Created in the 1970s, the game was as simple as it was addictive . In it, the user had to control a long creature that moved without stopping and that grew with the food it was collecting. The key was to keep the snake from touching its own tail, obstacles, and the play area. In 1998 it obtained a massive audience and today it is one of the great classics.

The origin is actually in arcade games , and was baptized as Blockade . It didn’t reach homes until Atari released Surround , an unofficial version for consoles. Shortly after, thanks to P. Trefonas, it came to computers under the name of Worm . That same formula is the one that was transferred, a decade later, to the Nokia 6110 . But it was not exclusive, in those phones, the games folder included other titles like Memory or Rotation , although with Snake , they fell into oblivion.

So the snake game can no longer be played? The answer is yes, there are many online versions that allow you to play without even having to install it. Also, there is a new version , , released in 2016 by Lowtech Studios for Android, iOS, and PC. Its operation is the same, but the interface and the game mode are different, since it is played against other opponents and the rewards can be moved.

More classic games that always come back

That retro is a trend can be seen in many more games that have been on the market for several years, or that have disappeared and have become remastered . And it is that the remasters are, in many cases, the only way to have those games that are practically impossible to find again, but thanks to these adaptations for current systems, they return to offer a new installment.

Thus, we find that some classics, starting from the original code, improve sprites, textures, audio, graphics, or programming errors, being able to resurrect licenses that had been in disuse for a long time . The purpose of all this is, in many cases, none other than to satisfy the demands of the fans.

Pac-Man , the classic Pac-Man of ghosts and labyrinths, is one of the icons of the video game industry. Originally, it was a minimalist game, but over time, the yellow ball has come to life , and now has a red nose, hands, and boots. It only returned to its pixelated origins to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

And who doesn’t remember Sonic the Hedgehog ? The blue hedgehog that revolutionized Sega ‘s 16-bit consoles . The success was such that in 1995 Sega decided to launch the game in 3D, but it turned out to be a complete failure. After other failed attempts to recover the fame of their pet, in 1998 they came up with the formula: Sonic Adventure , which was widely accepted by the public.

The franchise has sold more than 360 million units, making it the fifth best-selling saga in history. Its next release will be Team Sonic Racing , a new racing video game starring characters from the Sonic universe that will be on the market in May 2019.

But if we have to talk about one of the most famous mascots in the world, that is, without a doubt, Nintendo’s: Mario. His popularity exceeds even that of Mickey Mouse himself. Starting out as an arcade game, Super Mario Bros. ended up becoming a landmark and in 1999 was recognized as one of the best-selling video games of all time.

Its final finish has been perfected over time without losing its essence. The latest title in the series is Super Mario Odyssey from 2017, which includes the open world mode and which, a few hours after its launch, was considered by specialized critics as one of the best video games of all time.

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