Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate? EICR London? What’s the Difference Between Electrical Safety Check?

This blog will discuss the differences between an electric safety check, landlord electrical Safety Certificate, and an EICR London. An increasing number of people in London are becoming aware of the importance and necessity of an electrical inspection when purchasing, selling or leasing a property. Customers are often confused about the differences.

An EICR London is a simple answer to all of the above. An EICR shortens for “Electrical Installation Condition Report.” A skilled and competent electrician will perform a complete inspection of your property. This inspection is similar to a home survey, but it focuses only on the condition of your electrical system.

It may be recommended that you have an EICR London because of the following reasons:

  • If you’re looking to buy or sell a property.
  • An EICR might be necessary if you experience any electrical faults to understand your installation’s condition better.
  • An EICR may be required before you upgrade your consumer device.
  • It is recommended that property owners have an EICR London every ten years to ensure electrical safety.
  • If you’re an English landlord, it is now mandatory for private domestic rental properties to have an EICR once every five years.

Why is it essential to have an EICR?

Safety, in a nutshell. Properties are valuable assets. Properties are not replaceable. Electrical faults are the leading cause of domestic fires in the UK. Electric shocks can prove fatal. An EICR is a tool that allows you to see the electrical wiring.

What happens during an EICR

The electricians are qualified to inspect and test the electrical installation. It includes checking everything, including wiring, sockets, lighting, and the consumer unit or fuse box. It will take a while, depending on many factors, including the size and location of your property. The electrician will not modify the wiring, and there won’t be any clean-up required afterward. The majority of the appointment will involve the electrical source being turned off. We ask clients to remember this when making a booking.

What are the best ways to ensure I choose the right person to perform an EICR?

Yes! We have heard of cowboy traders who can complete EICR London within 30 minutes at a low price. This is similar to hiring a mechanic to service your car and only update the logbook. Our professional EICR takes several hours, depending on the size and complexity of your property. This is a detailed procedure that requires specialist equipment.

What are the EICR results?

Your report will then be broken down into sections. The comprehensive information will then be scored as satisfactory or ‘unsatisfactory. If the result is insufficient, you will receive a list of observations. You may still be eligible for statements if you receive a satisfactory EICR result.

Can my property fail an EICR?

The report will be sent to you within 72 hours of the completion of your booking. We can offer various options to get good information if your account indicates that it is not sufficient. If you decide to act, a new report might be issued. You will need the original EICR London along with the ordered works to prove that you have reacted and followed the procedure.

Why is the EICR’s price different?

You will need to install more wiring, outlets, and circuits if you have five bedrooms. The complexity of an EICR London depends on how many courses are required, the age of the electrical installation, and its condition. What if I have an ‘unsatisfactory EICR and have booked remedial work? Do I need another EICR Certificate Cost London?

You can bring the completed work along with your ‘unsatisfactory report if you have ordered remedial works to improve your writing. This will show that you comply with safety regulations. The electrician will not issue a satisfactory report to you if your remedial works are scheduled months after the initial EICR. If this happens, any other damage or faults may have occurred. If appointments are scheduled within 28 days of the Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate, we might issue an overall satisfactory report. This is provided that the electrician conducts a visual inspection and does any remedial work.

Do I get a certification at the end of my course?

You will not receive a certificate because an EICR London is a report. Information will be provided that provides a comprehensive overview of the electrical system at the property.

Are there other things you should consider?

Suppose you’re a landlord who supplies a property with portable electrical appliances such as TVs, kettles, lamps, or other mobile electronic devices. In that case, it is necessary to show that they have been maintained in safe conditions. Electrical testing, which can be done at your property, EICR London will ensure that you comply with the landlord’s requirements. Read more

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