Everything You Need to Know About Washer-Dryer Combos [Pros and Cons]

No matter how you look at it, doing laundry can be a boring and annoying task. It takes a lot of guesswork and good timing, from sorting your darks and lights to figuring out how much water and detergent to use to putting your dripping-wet clothes in the dryer. But what if you didn’t have to do that last step?

A washer cum dryer Singapore can change the way you do laundry because it can wash and dry clothes, towels, and even furniture in one load. So, if you want an appliance that can keep up with your busy life or if you want to make the most of the space in a small room, this two-in-one appliance can help.

Intrigued? Your business friends at Spencer’s TV& Appliance know all about this two-in-one laundry machine. Check out our list of the pros and cons of washer-dryer combos.

What is a combination washer-dryer?

To be more specific about what a washer-dryer combo is, this product is a combination of a front-loading washing machine and a condenser clothes dryer. It is also about the same size as a washer that stands alone.

In terms of price and brand, washer-dryer combos usually have many of the same features as mid-range and high-range washers and dryer Singapore, such as smart sensors, sanitize cycles, steam settings, and WiFi connectivity.

In short, washer-dryer combos promise to do everything that washer and dryer sets can do, but they only take up half the space. This makes them a great choice for homes with less space.

Now, let’s talk about what’s good and what’s bad about washer-dryer combos.

They take up less space than a normal pair of laundry items

As was already said, one of the best things about washer-dryer sets is that they only take up half the space of a washer and dryer set. This combination appliance makes it much easier for a family living in a small house or apartment to do an important household task without taking up a lot of space.

But even if your home has enough space, it is still a good idea to make the most of it by downsizing and simplifying your laundry setup.

Their cleaning power is the same as that of a regular washer

Product testers found that during the wash cycle, most washer-dryer combos work the same way to get similar results. Once water, clothes, and detergent are added, the washer-dryer combo spins, rinses, and spins again. All types of detergent, whether you like pods, liquid, or powder, also work fine in these machines.

Most of the time, the amount of energy used by one or the other is about the same. Also, the cost to buy and run a washer-dryer combo is about the same as if you bought a front-loading washer and a condenser dryer separately.

The shape of their drums is easier on clothes

The drum in a washer-dryer combo unit is on a horizontal axis, like the drum in most front-loading washing machines. Most importantly, this design makes the combo unit easier on the clothes as they tumble around inside, which keeps them from getting caught. And because washer-dryer combos take clothes out of the water and put them back in for drying, they are a gentler way to clean clothes.

They’re simple to use

The best thing about a washer-dryer combo is that you don’t have to do anything by hand to wash and dry your clothes. Since you’re only using one machine instead of two, all you have to do to wash your clothes is choose the settings for your load and press “Start.”

Also, with this combination machine, you can choose to wash or dry separately. For example, you can only run the wash cycle for items you want to dry in the air, or you can just run the wrinkle-release cycle when you don’t have time to iron your business clothes.

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