Fashion Trends Are Lying To Us. Here’s How.

This is something we all inherently know, right?

How many of us non-glamazons are going about our daily lives wondering what Pierpaolo Piccioli is going to create for the next Valentino show? And yes, we lust after Valentino bags when we see them Americans Outfits in stores or draped over some impossibly perfect shoulder, but we know that trends trickle down from the runways to department stores to our local outlet, where we no doubt fish them out of some clearance bin. But regardless, it feels like what happens on the Parisian runways or in the pages of Vogue has little to do with us.

Don’t they make for breathtaking runways shows?

But can you picture yourself wearing ANY of those trends in your regular, daily life, let alone in any situation ever, without someone asking if you need to be taken somewhere? I mean, we’re all just trying to wear cute clothes that fit well, and make us feel good.

So we’ve given this some thought. We really wanted to figure out why trends feel so…out of touch…for most of us. We have a few theories:

1. Trends Are Made To Be Exclusive

Fashion is exclusive. That’s not a secret. It’s always been mostly made for thin, rich, white women, and the idea that women with “different” body types/ages/ethnicities/races/religions also want to wear clothes still feels new to the fashion industry. Oh, you’re not a size 2 but you would prefer to go to work fully clothed, not naked or in baggy men’s sweats? Who knew?

And so the rest of us are fucked, because we’re told halloween jacket that these are the clothes we should be buying and wearing right now. We’re told that short shorts elongate the leg, and yet, squeezing oneself into a pair is an experience so traumatic, we decide right then and there that our bodies were not made to wear shorts. Of any kind. Ever. They make us feel naked. And childish. And usually require a great deal of huffing and puffing and squeezing and sucking in, only to feel like we’re being pinched and wedged from every angle. And Fashion knows this. They made short shorts to exclude you.

But instead of questioning the sanity of the women our own age who sent short shorts down a runway or put them in their magazines, we internalize. We wonder why we don’t look/feel good in them? Why we have zero occasion to ever wear them? Something must be wrong with our lives and our bodies; it’s our fault for not dressing cool/trendy enough. For looking “dowdy” or out of style. This is why trends are evil; they’re not made for us, but still make us question ourselves. Our bodies, our value.

2. Trends Make Us Buy Shit We Don’t Actually Like

But then what do we do when all clothes seemingly fall into two categories: fun and trendy, or classic and “boring?” We’re left with a choice between the kinds of basics and essentials that we’ve Halloween party jacket bought again and again, or the trendy, flashy pieces that inspire lust but have little purpose in our closets. And while we’re pragmatic, well-meaning shoppers, most of us choose the latter.

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