FIFA 20 and PES 2020, the most even battle

The battle between EA and Microsoft over the last two decades to become the best soccer simulator has rarely been a tug-of-war. The confrontation has always opted for one of the two sides with total clarity, except for this edition. FIFA 20 and PES 2020 promise one of the most even fights since both games began to be marketed in parallel.

The first Pro Evolution Soccer began by refreshing the soccer simulator scene due to its revolutionary gameplay and its vast differences with FIFA. Both edition number 4 (2004) and number 6 (2006) were a real success and outshone their rival with spectacular sales figures. It wasn’t until 2008 that EA’s game began to take off.

In 2012, FIFA had already established itself as the main football game and until this year, it has always come out on top , generating a feeling of comfort that allowed it not to innovate too much in favor of keeping its audience.

For this reason, among many other reasons, this 2019 has been forced to generate an addition: the Volta mode and the gameplay revolution that this implies, in addition to some small changes to the manager and the gameplay.

FIFA PES 20 comparison

The new nomenclature of the Konami game is not accidental: eFootball PES 2020 brings with it new formulas to assimilate the sports experience on consoles as much as possible and has managed to go further in its adaptation. New ways of clearing and controlling the ball, dribbling using the player’s own body, more realistic physics…

All these changes are promising and have an outstanding protagonist: Andrés Iniesta. The Spanish star has actively participated in the Japanese company to improve the gameplay of the title and, from what has been seen, it is working.

The pace of the game is faster than that of his rival, although his movements are more horizontal than lateral or diagonal: a different bet that focuses more on the last passes between the defenders than on wide openings and crosses into the area.

How has FIFA tried to compensate for this? As for gameplay , they highlight a new way of launching fouls, more intuitive, but which indicates that EA does not finish hitting the key after constant changes every several years.

Now it is a much more vertical game and the feeling that there are many people crowded around the ball seems to have mitigated.

Another attraction is undoubtedly the Volta. Bringing back FIFA Street has been a great idea that has been asking for a long time, which also adds an entertaining story mode and several different game modes between them. Although the shot doesn’t look natural, the dribbling is quite brilliant .

When it comes to manager , EA’s title continues to outperform its rival. The attempts to improve the Master League should be highlighted : now 18 different coaches can be played, the derbies are no longer regular matches to gain more importance, the story can be personified a little more through cinematics and the press conferences begin to have weight in the plot.

And in transfers, money will no longer be the only variable to be analyzed, since the prestige of the team, promises of growth and sporting projection also play an important role.

In FIFA, the same thing happens with press conferences: they will stop being anecdotal material to be important when it comes to measuring the morale of the players, the fans and the club’s management.

These are deeper and more detailed questions. The same thing happens with the chats with the players: we can redirect their morale with these. And here the dynamic potential also comes into play , a fact that will indicate the performance of the players and what is their room for improvement.

FIFA and PES 2020 licenses

One of the big problems that Konami’s game has been able to solve over time—the online mods and patches have done a lot— is that of licenses : although at first it was difficult to play with clubs and players with changed names, now it’s more than solved .

And having acquired the rights of great clubs in Europe such as Bayern, Juventus, Manchester and FC Barcelona and Euro 2020 has given it a lot of play, in that its meticulous recreations are highly perfected: both the stadiums and the players are identical.

In addition, at the end of the year they will incorporate the free DLC of the European national team competition, an added attraction that will earn new sales.

FIFA has managed to re- tie the rights to European club competitions , both the Champions League and the Europa League, a success since Pro had snatched that of nations. In addition, it retains most of the leagues in the world, except for several teams, such as Juventus (renamed Piamonte), Boca Juniors (Buenos Aires FC) and River Plate (Núñez FC).

Choosing this year for one game or another will be more difficult than ever . Only small details and some profiles with some preferences or others will be the trigger to choose.

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