FlexiSPY Purchase Analysis Conclusion

In this conclusion, I would like to highlight that FlexiSPY does not really have any noticeable drawbacks. You only need to take three simple steps to purchase the app. It can be used in all countries and the only requirement is to have an internet connection.

It costs less than the other competing products, especially when you compare the list of features offered. At the end of the FlexiSPY purchase review, I would like to emphasize again that you have 10 days to fully review the product and make sure it works properly, if you don’t like it, you can always make a return within that time frame.

FlexiSPY Download and Installation Analysis

The second thing I will mention in this FlexiSPY review series is the ease of download and installation. In this section of the review, you will learn how to download FlexiSPY and learn about the installation processes, plus the pros and cons. At the beginning, you will know the download and installation procedure and then you will know the requirements to install.

The FlexiSPY download and installation procedure has well-explained steps in the online portal wizard. You won’t be able to get lost because you just have to follow the procedure. These are the steps to download and install FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY Download Analysis

How big is the file to download?

The file to download has an approximate weight of 10-25MB, depending on the platform. For example, for iPhone and Android, the approximate size of FlexiSPY is 20MB.

How long will it take to download FlexiSPY on my iPhone or Android?

The download time of FlexiSPY on iPhone and Android depends on the speed of your internet connection. If your average connection is 14Mbps (the download average in the United States), you should be able to download the app in about 12 seconds.

In this FlexiSPY review, I also have to mention that the entire download procedure includes:

  • Login to FlexiSPY account
  • Read the instructions
  • Insert download link
  • And others more.

What is the Size of the Downloaded File?

The downloaded FlexiSPY for Android file is approximately 20.41MB in size. When you install the app, it will take approximately 22.67MB. The file size can vary between 10MB and 20MB depending on the platform.

FlexiSPY Download Conclusion

I would like to point out that FlexiSPY app has a step by step and explained process for the download process, which is an advantage of the software.

The downside is that the monitoring software takes up more space on the device than mSpy or Highster Mobile, but that is to be expected given all the features you will receive. FlexiSPY will give you more features than any other app, so of course it will take more storage space on your device. In just a few seconds, you will be able to learn all the important information about the FlexiSPY installation procedure.

FlexiSPY Installation Review

For this FlexiSPY Installation review, I have prepared all the important information for the installation, such as allowed devices, installation procedure, and installation time. So let’s start with the allowed devices.

What are the devices supported by the Application?

FlexiSPY supports the following devices:

  • Android
  • phones
  • tablets
  • Manzana
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • blackberry
  • Versions 5.0 to 7.1
  • nokia symbian
  • Symbian Anna
  • Symbian-Belle

I would like to point out that this application is always being updated for iOS and Android devices, so currently, all new models are allowed.

Is it difficult to install FlexiSPY?

The installation procedure is very simple because the wizard will guide you through the process step by step. All the steps will be well explained so that everyone can quickly install the application.

How long will it take to install FlexiSPY on my Android or iPhone?

The time you will need to install the application may vary and depends on your technical skills. Estimated installation time is 7 minutes. If we consider that it will take 5 minutes to download the application and 7 to install it, then we can say that the entire process takes approximately 7 minutes. In summary, the estimated times are:

  • 2 minutes to download
  • 7 minutes to install

Therefore, after 9 minutes you will be able to get your hands on all the monitoring features that this solution will bring to you.


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