Forget Gym Memberships – It’s Time to Workout at Home!

Taking time off work and other activities to focus on your fitness is a great way to shape your health. Your body will thank you in a few years for staying committed to a proper workout plan and diet.

But due to busy lifestyles and schedules, most of us shy away from taking a membership in the local gym. Hence, investing in a home gym setup is the right choice for such people who are not really excited about driving to the nearest gym.

A home gym also allows you to have a flexible routine in which you can easily tuck in your workouts. There are fewer distractions, no crowds, and you only pay for the equipment you use!

Now that you are amused by the idea of a home gym, let us see how you can set up one.

Setting up your Dream Home Gym

We have listed a few tips and ideas for you to start a complete gym setup. Let us get into them.

1.Outline your Fitness Goals

Before you go into the physical aspects of setting up a home gym, take a look at it from a practical dimension.

  • List down your fitness goals and the areas you would like to focus more on. It can be to lose weight or engage more in strength training or cardio, etc.
  • Doing this will give you an idea of how much space you would require for your home gym.
  • It will help understand what category of fitness equipment you should invest more in. Listing down your fitness goals also helps set a budget for your home gym.

2. Find a Comfortable Spot

To set up your dream home gym, you need to first choose the perfect space where your gym setup can go.

  • Keep in mind that you should be able to work out comfortably so that you stay motivated.

The space shouldn’t be cluttered with unwanted items and should allow you to move around freely.

  • Make sure that you get enough air circulation and natural light in your workout space. Check for proper ventilation and set up ventilation facilities if there are none.
  • Ensure sufficient storage space. Choose a room that has enough space to store your equipment and protect it from dust and dirt.

If the required storage space is not available, spend time allotting and setting up the same for your equipment.

Buy racks and stands to store your equipment so that your gym looks cleaner and more organized.

You can also do this after deciding on the equipment to get a better idea of the storage space required.

3. Buy High-Quality Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to reflect on where you are on your fitness journey. You need a big mirror that is fit straight up to get an accurate idea of your progress.

It will also motivate you to work out more and also help you see if you are doing it right.

Choose a high-quality mirror that offers the exact reflection of your body, and doesn’t make you look distorted.

Have plain walls with no artwork or pictures. Walls with just mirrors keep all distractions away and also add a simple visual appeal to your gym.

4. Work on the Vibe of the Room

The way you design the room impacts how motivated you are. And this in turn affects how effective your workouts turn out to be.

  • Choose light colors like pastels and creams to stay motivated and productive.

They make the room look brighter and fresher, unlike dark colors that make it appear gloomy. The latter will also make the room warmer and kill the mood during workouts.

  • Go for paints and flooring types that will be easy to clean. This can come in handy, especially after sweaty and intense workouts that can make the room look like a mess.
  • As mentioned before, ensure that the room lets in enough natural light and air. Have enough ceiling lights and track lights to help you focus on your workout equipment.

5. Choose your Workout Equipment

Deciding on the required equipment that suits your fitness needs helps save a lot of time, money, and space. Buying unnecessary items will only make your gym space look more unorganized and untidier.

Given below are a few equipment pieces that you can check out today for your home gym.

1. Treadmill

Walking or running on a treadmill for 10-20 minutes can improve your heart health drastically. It is also a great way to lose weight and burn calories. Contact your nearest gym equipment supplier to get access to a treadmill that is the right fit for you.

2. Free Weights

Free weights like dumbbells and kettle-bells are equipment that you can easily use at home. They are easy to store and clean and can be easily used as well.

Dumbbells and barbells make workouts more challenging due to the added weight. Choose weights that your body can handle well to avoid injuries and accidents.

3. Fitness Accessories

Fitness accessories like skipping rope, resistance bands, and yoga mats are a great investment. They are easy to use and store as take up very little space.

Not only are they affordable options, but are also easy to travel with.

While yoga mats provide enough grip for workouts, resistance bands make workouts more intense. Skipping ropes are a fun addition and help burn calories and tone your whole body.

4. Strength Training Machines

Strength training machines like lat pull-down machines and chest fly machines are great choices for a home gym.

If you do not have enough space, you can opt for compact equipment. Multipurpose gym equipment is another option for such cases.

The best way to get access to high-quality gym equipment at low prices is by contacting a wholesaler. They open to you a world of multiple gym equipment brands across different price ranges.

You can call them up or place an order to start setting up your dream home gym right away.

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