Head Shaving: Essential Things You Need To Know!

If you have ever thought of shaving your head completely bald, you surely have enough reasons for it. Be it receding hairline, balding crown, lifestyle, fashion, experimentation with appearance, or just a look transformation in the summertime, there are a few things that you should consider before rocking your bald dome. First thing first, it’s the head shaver that needs to be taken into account. That’s mainly because embracing the bald is simply impossible without an efficient and high-quality shaver. Next, you must be well aware of the right steps and methods of shaving your head. And finally, you should know how to care for and maintain a shaved head, keeping up the shine at all times.

Now, to begin with, choosing an ideal shaver is the most daunting task, especially if you are an amateur in head shaving. Deciding between an electric head shaver and a manual razor may seem difficult. But, do not worry; we have come up with this blog that covers the best tool and the ideal steps for shaving heads.

Which is Better – Electric Shaver or Razor?

The wide availability of shaving tools makes it more difficult for men to choose an ideal shaver for themselves. Hopefully, you can relate to this, particularly if you have just started shaving your head! Head shavers and razors – both perform the same job but, with only a slight difference in functionality and deliverables. So, you may choose either of the two, depending on your preference, budget, shaving needs, and comfortability. Please note that head shaving is a personalized routine and you can pick a tool that works best for you.

Still, if you want expert suggestions and recommendations on whether it’s better to use a manual razor or an electric head shaver – we have it covered for you! Although manual razors are in use for ages and also provide a smooth shave, they are not as safe and convenient to use as electric head shavers. While you may end up getting nicks, cuts, and abrasions by using manual razors, that’s not the case with electric shavers.

What are the ideal steps to head shaving?

Are you shaving your head for the first time and not too confident about doing it on your own?  Fret not; here are the ideal steps and things to consider for head shaving.

  • Trim Your Hair: Head shaving involves a lot of hair pulling and tucking. Hence, it’s essential to trim your hair before shaving it completely bald. In case, you fail to cut down the long hair before gliding down the razor, you are most likely to have a painful shaving experience. To trim your hair to a workable length, you may use hair clippers.
  • Warm Up Your Scalp: Once you cut down your hair to a manageable length, it would be better if you wrap your head with a hot towel. This small step will soften the hair follicles and open the pores, making it easier for you to shave your head without nicks and cuts.
  • Apply a Lathering Agent: Providing adequate protection and lubrication to your scalp is really important before scraping down a blade on it. The best way to do it is by lathering up your scalp. Applying a rich, thick, and creamy lathering solution like shaving cream or gel before gliding down a head shaver will let you keep nicks, cuts, and irritation away from your scalp.
  • Shave: It is the most important step in the head shaving process. Now, that you have the right tool in hand and a prepped-up scalp, start applying gentle strokes. You may either start shaving your head against the grain or with the grain. Initially, it would be better if you start shaving with the grain and then do it reversely once you get your hands on it.
  • Aftershave Care: Once you complete shaving your head, ensure to wash your scalp with clean water. Then apply a good quality aftershave oil, gel, or cream to keep your scalp moisturized and hydrated. Remember, maintaining a smooth and shiny scalp can embrace your bald look and make people turn their heads toward you. The best way to keep your dome shining is by applying a moisturizer when you are indoors and sunscreen when you are holidaying or out in the sun. You may even wear a hat or cap for protecting your scalp from sun tan, damage, redness, etc.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read the entire blog on head shaving, you know about shaving tools and things to bear in mind while shaving your head completely bald. However, just ensure to purchase a head shaver or manual razor from a reputed and reliable brand. On top of all, it would be an added advantage if you pick a technologically advanced shaver to shave your head. It will not only allow you to shave your head smoothly and nick-free but also save the time that you would otherwise require to clean and maintain the tool. Advanced shaving tools come with self-cleaning systems and that’s one of the main reasons why men with tight schedules choose to use them.

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