Here is why the 488 Pista is one of the hottest supercars to come from Maranello

Ferrari has always produced powerful cars, and people love to buy these hugely popular sports cars partly because of their speed. Recently, Ferrari engineers have been upping their game to keep up with the increasingly competitive and ever-expanding supercar market. 

The focus on range and keeping up with changing times is the first Ferrari to offer PHEV architecture, the SF90 Stradale. But they don’t forget how to build them well in the traditional way, as evidenced by the 488 Pista. Ferrari introduced the 488 Pista in 2019 to join a long line of mid-engined Ferraris revered as the decoration of the successful Ferrari 488. And we will explore the Ferrari 488 Malaysia price later.

It arrived with high expectations but didn’t waver, delivering the hottest Ferrari 488 street car we’ve ever seen for being quick, quick, easy on the eyes and quite rare, with only 40 units produced. It’s a car made for any enthusiast’s dream, and this is why we think the Ferrari 488 Pista is awesome. Here are details about such a car model extracted from Wapcar Automotive News.

Hellcat-Beat the mid-mount V8

Under the hood of the Ferrari 488, the Pista has the most powerful V8 engine in Ferrari history and is also the most powerful mid-engine Ferrari road car of all time. When the 488 GTB first arrived in 2015, it delivered the most powerful performance of a Ferrari, receiving numerous accolades including winning the Top Geared Supercar of the Year and the Handcart. Motor Trend’s best rider. Ferrari upgraded it with about 50% new parts to get 49 hp on the Pista.

This increase is the biggest leap in engine power for a Ferrari Special series car. The 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 produces 711 hp and 567 lb-ft of torque and is standard on the ICE engine.

Fast as a blister

You expect nothing but the power and balance of a Ferrari brand car. The powerful 711-horsepower V8 helps the Pista hit 100 km/h in an astonishing 2.7 seconds thanks to the expertly designed launch control system. This number is on par with the McLaren 720S.

Besides the rocket-like acceleration, the Pista keeps putting out more power, and regardless of the point in the rev range or the number on your speedo, it just wants to go faster. Ferrari claims top speed of 211mph.

Amazing processing dynamics

One of the things you won’t forget while driving the Pista is its excellent driving dynamics. After testing at the Pista del Fiorano test track, the Pista was 1.5 seconds faster than the 488 GTB, mainly due to its superior handling. It doesn’t sound like much, but in a lap race, it’s enough to put your opponent to shame and make them look sluggish.

The 488 Pista uses adaptive magnetic dampers that go from a soft, comfortable environment to an aggressive, sporty stance in an instant, which makes a big difference in the way the car handles when racing. Plus, the steering is direct and responsive. When you want to smack the rear end, Ferrari’s Sliding Control System and Dynamic Booster kick in to create controlled skids.

Luxury cabins

It is stripped of modern comforts compared to large luxury touring cars due to its racing roots. However, you will find the cabin luxurious, quiet and spacious for a crazy road racer. Surprisingly, it has more space than you’ll find in many typical two-door sports cars. 

As standard, you get lightweight carbon racing seats with the option of carbon Daytona racing seats. Hardcore performance enthusiasts will have no problem using the 488 Pista on a daily basis as there are enough comfort offerings for occupants and space that makes it surprisingly practical.

Race track beast

In Italian, Pista means racecourse, and Ferrari’s own racecourse passes through the Pista di Fiorano. This explains the thinking behind the aptly named Pista. Ferrari has built it on the experience gained from racing the 488 Challenge and 488 GTE on the most competitive tracks in the world.

Furthermore, according to Ferrari, the name goes beyond the car’s ability and handling on the track and indicates the amount of technology borrowed from race cars. It has all the properties of a racing beast on the track, from its stance to its brakes. But Ferrari reckons most will never see a day other than parking in the VIP area during an F1 race.

Amazingly stable high speed

The car’s aerodynamics and track technology help the Pista feel extremely stable at high speeds. The cool hole in the hood is Formula 1 technology and it acts like a downforce called the S. Pista duct that sits straight out of a 488 GTE endurance racer.

They produce up to 529 pounds of downforce at 124 mph, making the Pista very solid even at high speeds. 

Italian beauty

The masters at Ferrari used creative elements to give the Pista a sporty, sculptural silhouette and race car skin underneath the carbon core. The rear end features a muscular dolphin tail fin that is suspended to create a sense of lightness and efficiency. Overall, the car is a true example of Italian ingenuity, combining magnificence with muscular racing.

Additionally, the exclusive Pista comes with vibrant black and white racing stripes in the middle, which are some of the prettiest faster stripes on a supercar.

Highly customizable

With a starting price of 331,000 USD, only those with a lot of money will dare to approach Ferrari with the intention of buying a Pista. And since the folks at Ferrari are a smart bunch, they created the Pista with a ton of customization potential. By the time the customer delivers the item, the bill will bubble after playing with the long list of expensive optional amenities.

Ferrari can change everything to your liking. From the color of the wheels, brakes and exhaust, to the matte carbon fiber interior, the Daytona racing seats and the carbon floor panels with carpeting. That’s not to say the Pista lacks amenities, as plenty of perks like keyless entry, dual climate control, cruise control, heated mirrors and windshield wipers are standard.

Easy access for super cars

Videos of servant soldiers struggling to get into supercars are premium content to easily make laughs online. Supercars are among the least practical of all vehicles and a nightmare for anyone over 6 meters tall. But despite being built with a racer’s mind in mind, the 488 Pista is surprisingly spacious and easily accessible, with ample headroom for tall people.

For a low-rise supercar, moving in and out will be a little easier. Inside, visibility is much better for a supercar and you’ll have an easier time maneuvering the Pista in congested areas.

Tasty Spyder Option

Yes, there is a convertible version of the Ferrari Pista Coupé, and it is lavish. The Pista Spyder, as they call it, is the most capable Spyder from the Prancing Horse brand. It combines all the technology and racing style of a Pista coupe with an outdoor supercar driving experience.

Outdoor experience does not affect the mechanical performance of the vehicle. Although it was developed primarily for use on the road, it lost just a little bit of dynamism and delivered as much fun on the track as its coupé siblings.

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