Honda’s new car programme for 2023: next-generation CR-V, all-electric HR-V and C-segment SUV!

With the recent launch of the petrol-electric Honda Civic e:HEV in Europe, Honda has successfully reached its goal of fully electrifying its mainstream vehicles in Europe by 2022. Next Honda aims to stop selling combustion engine vehicles completely by 2040 and is forecasting the launch of three new vehicles in Europe in 2023.

Honda says it will further expand its electrification line-up in Honda 2023 with three new vehicles in Europe, including the new generation CR-V, an all-electric B-segment SUV, and a fuel-electric C-segment SUV.
Honda says it will launch a new generation CR-V in Europe in 2023, offering Hybrid and PHEV plug-in hybrids. According to media speculation, the new CR-V will make its world debut as soon as September this year, with petrol power continuing to be offered in North America and Asia.

In addition, the all-electric B-segment SUV is previewed as the e: Ny1 Prototype, in the same vein as the e: NS1 and e: NP1 launched in China, and could essentially be considered an all-electric version of the 3rd generation HR-V.

Finally, there is also a mystery SUV with e: HEV petrol-electric power, positioned in the same C-segment as the CR-V, but there is not much information on this vehicle yet, so we are waiting for further official announcements.

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