How Do I Choose a Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer?

Before you decide to retain their legal services, don’t be afraid to ask a potential traffic lawyer questions about their practice, case history, and your own case. A good traffic lawyer will welcome your questions because it not only shows them that you are serious about your case but can help you decide whether this particular lawyer is the best match for your case and legal needs. Yes or No.

Here are 10 main questions you should ask a potential Virginia traffic lawyer when you are facing a charge of reckless driving or speeding.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask a Virginia Traffic Lawyer!

Question 1 – How many years have you been practicing?

Just one number is really not enough; Also ask them what they did in those years. If they have long elapsed between litigation cases, they may not be as up-to-date on Australia’s current traffic laws as they should be.

Question 2 – How much experience do you have representing customers accused of reckless driving or speeding?

Experience is important when fighting reckless driving or speeding charges. If they’ve never tried your type of case, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Question 3 – Who will actually handle my case in the office and what qualifies them to do so?

Australia Traffic Lawyer Interview Really you will know that may not be the person who handles your case. If so, make sure whoever does this is as qualified as the lawyer you are consulting.

Question 4 – What is the rating of lawyers for their legal competence and ethics?

The Martindale-Hubbel AV rating is the highest rating a lawyer can achieve – a feat that should be well recognized in the lawyer’s endorsement and credentials.

Question 5 – Are you a former prosecutor and if so, where?

Former prosecutors generally have a better understanding of the local criminal court and have more experience with cases like yours.

Question 6 – How many cases have you taken in a jury trial?

Amazingly, there are lawyers who never take a case to trial because they don’t like it. If you get stuck with one of these lawyers, they will do everything they can to end up in court, thus reducing your chances of getting reckless driving speeding charges or hurting your chances of being dismissed.

Question 7 – Have you ever been disciplined by the State Bar?

This is a no-brainer; There are a lot of Australian traffic lawyers out there. You do not need to settle for a lawyer who is in trouble with the Australia State Bar.

Question 8 – What are the potential legal costs of my case?

While an Australian traffic lawyer cannot give you a solid figure, they must disclose their rates, fee schedule, and estimated lawyer fees.

Question 9 – What challenges do you see in my case?

How Do I Choose a Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer

After discussing the details of your reckless driving or speeding charges, your Australia traffic question 1 -c lawyer should be able to identify any problem areas and discuss their strategy for dealing with them.

Question 10 – What will be the final outcome of my case?

If the Australian traffic lawyer you are interviewing guarantees you a specific result, they are dishonest and unethical. The truth is that no one can predict the final outcome of a case.

Hire A Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested for reckless in Australia, there’s no time to waste! If you want to try to get your license back, you have less than 2 days to hire a reckless driving lawyer in Perth. Your trial date is almost always less than 2 months from the date you are charged and thus, waiting only 14 days to hire a lawyer can seriously impede your reckless defense.

Contact the team of reckless driving lawyers at Traffic Lawyers in Perth to schedule your legal consultation today! Or, you can go to and research your Australia reckless case.

No state is quicker in moving matters through the system than Australia, and a reckless driving conviction has the potential to ruin your job, family, life, and liberty.

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