How Much Older Is Tanjiro Than Nezuko_ Answer Here

Are you a huge fan of the Demon Slayer anime series like me? If so, you’ll love to dig into a few details about your favorite DMs. And I can assume you’re looking for an answer How old is Nezuko in season 2?

Well, the answer is easy. From various sources, we came to know the personality profile of both Tanjiro and Nezuko. Tanjiro is a year older than Nezuko. That’s why Nezuko used to call him Oni-chan or Big Brother.

Omar Tanjiro and Nezuko:

Tanjiro was 13 years old and Nezuko was 12 when the story began. After the tragic accident in which Muzan killed the entire family, Tanjiro began his training in the mountains. Nezuko remained in a coma to avoid drinking human blood.

Differences between Tanjiro and Nezuko:

Although they were brothers, they had some major differences in the series. In the case of ability and character, they were completely opposites. But Nezuko has always been protective of her brother.

Tanjirou usually used water breathing techniques and Nezuko used the art of blood or demonic powers that she sees. Since Nezuko left some humanity in her consciousness, she tried to protect her brother every time a monster tried to attack him. After the fight, Tanjirou was the only one who calmed his sister down by just calling her name out loud.

Tanjiro’s scar and Nezuko’s gag:

Ironically, the two brothers had two different signs that symbolized their identity. A taste of human blood could have turned Nezuko into a complete demon. So when Giyo finds out that he can save Nezuko by stopping her from drinking blood; He put a bamboo muzzle in his mouth.

On the other hand, Tanjiro got his scar from saving his brother from the fire. But his scar changes color every time he defeats a demon. And if you look closely at Muzan’s flashback, you can see that the mysterious demon slayer had a scar similar to that of Tanjirou.

Therefore, you could assume that the scar on Tanjirou’s head was a sign that he was possessed by the Great Demon Slayers. While Nezuko’s gag symbolizes his demonic nature, Tanjiro’s scar showed that he was destined to become a demonic slayer.


I know everyone is excited for Demon Slayer season 2. Fans around the world are excited for the new episodes. The first season revealed many questions such as How old is Tanjiro than Nezuko? I hope season 2 will reveal some other secrets as well.

You can enjoy the new season of Demon Slayer on Netflix. So take care of yourself and relax with Tanjiro and Nezuku’s demon slaying missions.

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