How to do the shared post on Instagram

You are looking to increase your followers on Instagram, and so you have decided to forge a collaboration with a friend of yours who can already boast a larger audience than yours. In this regard, you have decided to make a post to be published on both profiles and would like some advice on how to do everything better.

If that’s the case, don’t worry. During this tutorial, I will explain how to make the post shared on Instagram using the specific. The functionality of the app of the famous social network. The Meta group (which allows indicating another person as co-author of a post).

How do you make posts shared on Instagram?

If you agree, let’s start immediately with the practical part of this tutorial. And see how to do the shared post on Instagram through the relevant functionality. Available in the social network app for Android (also downloadable from alternative stores ) and iOS. Thanks to the latter, as already mentioned. It is possible to signal when a post is created in collaboration with another user.

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First, I want to explain how to post a shared post on Instagram via the Android app. Therefore, start it and log in to your account to display it. The main screen of the social network (the house icon).

Now, press the (+) button at the top right to open the editor dedicated to publishing posts. Just Check out this for more interesting information. Choose from the Gallery the photo or video you want to publish in collaboration with another person.

Once this is done, press the arrow icon to the right twice consecutively and, in the preview screen, press the item Tag people. In the next screen that is shown to you, press the Invite collaborator tab, type the username of the person you want to indicate as a collaborator, and press the √ button to confirm the addition. Currently, you can only add a single user as a contributor to the post.

At this point, continue creating the post by writing, for example, a caption and press the √ button to publish the post, which will be published on both profiles after the collaborator has accepted the invitation to publish the shared post.

To confirm the collaboration, the other user must press on the notification received, then the Check button, and finally on Accept (to confirm that he is indicated as the additional author of the post).


Would you like to know how to post a shared Instagram post using the Instagram app for iPhone? No problem, now I will show you in detail how to proceed.

Once this is done, press the (+) button located in the upper right corner and, in the menu that is shown to you, choose from the gallery the photo or video you want to publish on your profile and also on that of the user that you will indicate as a collaborator.

Then, press the Next button twice to display the preview screen. Have a look on my article. Now, tap on the Tag people item and select the Invite collaborator option. At this point, using the included search engine, search for the person you wish to invite as a collaborator by typing their username and selecting them from the results provided.

When you are done, press the End button at the top right, and complete the personalization of the post, for example, by writing an accompanying caption. You must press the Share button when you are ready to publish the post.

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At this point, the post will be published on your profile. And the person you indicated as the collaborator. Will have to approve the publication of the post on their profile as well. To do this, you must click on the notification received. Accept to become a collaborator and publish the post indicated as the author. You must first press the Review button and then the Accept button. Easy, right?

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