How to find the ideal material for a coffee table?

Several criteria must be taken into account when choosing the material for your coffee table. The first is your way of life which will make you favor a material that is easy to maintain or even with a higher degree of resistance than another. The second is the style of your interior decoration, because the material also gives the LA of your decoration. Finally, the third is simply the budget, since the price can vary a lot depending on the materials chosen. A short presentation of the different possibilities is in order!


Wood is the authentic and natural material par excellence. It is found just as well in the composition of Scandinavian, industrial, contemporary or rustic coffee tables. By touch, in association with metal or entirely in wood, this material will become essential in your decoration. Different wood species are present on the market to meet all expectations and all budgets. The least expensive woods are generally pine or beech, while the most expensive species are oak or even walnut. On the maintenance side, the wood remains relatively easy to clean, but be careful to protect it well if it is not varnished.


We love metal for its aesthetics, its resistance and its unparalleled look. Used equally well in the composition of contemporary, design or industrial coffee tables, this material is available in all colors and can be dressed in a pretty satin, brushed, oxidized or even chrome finish to enhance your furniture. Whether it’s steel, aluminum, wrought iron or an alloy, this material will not disappoint. The models at the most attractive prices are generally made of steel. Aluminum and wrought iron will most often have a higher price. Satin or chrome metal finishes will also be more expensive than epoxy ones. Its maintenance is simple but avoid abrasive products!


Dekton is the trendy material of the moment that can be found on many coffee table tops. Made in Spain, it combines the advantages and is ultra resistant. Indeed, its manufacturing process offers good resistance to heat or even scratches. Its maintenance is therefore very simple. These qualities nevertheless imply a higher price than other materials. On the aesthetic side, it looks a lot like ceramic and adapts to all living room decorations thanks to its wide choice of colors.


We no longer present ceramics! This mineral material has conquered many salons. Usually associated with a metal or wooden structure, it offers a multitude of colors to match the look of your room. In addition, it is resistant to scratches and heat, however its high resistance is lower than that of Dekton. Its price is therefore naturally cheaper than the latter but the quality is also there!


Laminate is the ideal material for a top decoration while having a controlled budget. Indeed, by choosing a laminate coffee table you are guaranteed to have a wide choice of colors available: imitation wood, stone or solid color, the choice is yours. This chameleon material is essential in all decorations and is easy to maintain! 


If you want to bring clarity to your living room, the transparent glass coffee table will be ideal. In addition, it will visually lighten the space of your room. You can opt for tinted transparent glass or lacquered glass which is not transparent but which will still bring shine to your coffee table. Whichever you choose, maintaining a coffee table is easy since glass by nature is stain resistant. However, avoid abrasive products and utensils and watch out for fingerprints. With its pretty look, we gladly forgive these little details! If you want to get some examples, we recommend models on


A plexiglass or transparent polycarbonate coffee table is the perfect alternative to glass. Generally less expensive than a glass coffee table, it is also lighter thanks to its plastic composition. On the maintenance side, pay attention to scratches and prolonged direct light which can tarnish its sumptuous rendering if you do not pay enough attention to it!


Polypropylene, PVC or even resin, plastic coffee tables are available in multiple possibilities. We will favor the plastic tinted in the mass for the resistance of the colors in the event of prolonged and direct contact with the rays of the sun. In any case, its maintenance will be very easy! In addition, the great malleability of this material allows designers to offer a wide choice of styles to integrate all decorations. Last but not least, it is probably the cheapest material for a coffee table!

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