How to Plan a Retail Renovation Project

An enriching thing for your retail business is to do a renovation and call commercial renovation contractors to help. Why? If you want the interior or exterior to have an overall brand renovation and specialized contractors can help. As it is a considerable investment, the guide here will help you with your renovations.

Why do You Want to Renovate?

Before you start contacting general contractors for your store reservation, you need to ask yourself a few things. First, think about why you want to renovate. What is the reason behind this motivation? Do you want to update fixtures or want a fresh look, as renovations are disruptive and costly for any business?

Next, think about how you want your business to look, from interior to exterior. An excellent place to start is to create a mood board laying out what you plan to change. The board of ideas will also be helpful when meeting up with the contractor.

Also, ensure that the existing space will accommodate your changes and additions added. For instance, will the walls support new fixtures hung? Also, is the wiring in your shop capable of handling new LED light bulbs. Again, it is essential to consider this before starting any renovation project.

What Budget Do You Have?

To renovate a commercial business depends on the budget you have. The average renovation costs for a retail store vary per square footage. Hence, when working out, the budget includes some extra cushioning taking 15% more into account for unforeseen costs that might come up.

What Do Your Shoppers Want to See?

A retail store renovation must appeal to your clientele’s desires. So, consider their shopping experience by looking at your shop entrance. You want to make a first impression, and this is where you start.

Then, look at the walls if it needs new paint or wants to create an accent wall drawing customers to that area. Finally, consider the shelving and if they are easily accessible. Finally, how is your lighting fixtures as they can impact your client’s mood?

Lastly, consider the flooring to remove damaged floors or if you want something completely different. To do this, you can ask your regular shoppers what shopping experience they would enjoy. You can also discuss it with your staff, which might have some brilliant ideas.

How Do You Renovate Your Retail Store?

Now that you have a plan of action with ideas for your renovation, you need to implement it. Depending on the type of renovations you plan, especially with removing walls, you will need to have an asbestos abatement done.

We recommend you contact an asbestos removal contractor to help determine if the building has any toxic materials present before you start. The best part is you can even find a commercial contractor that can provide you with both asbestos removal and renovations in one.

Contact a General Contractor to Help

Once you know what you plan to do, a commercial renovation contractor can provide you with a detailed quote of what the material and labor will cost for your project. They will even offer estimates, including all new furniture and fixtures, labor, building material, etc. Finally, the contractor will check the interior to see the size and work out estimates based on their findings.

Next, the contractor will provide you with a mockup to help finalize your layout. Then, you can analyze the store traffic to see where improvements are needed. Now is the time to consider where you want your shoppers to spend most of their time in the shop.

With the mockup, you will see how other fixtures can impact how your shopper navigates through your shop. Whether you have a small or colossal renovation project, we recommend working with a commercial renovation contractor.

The Importance of a Timeline

Once you have a contractor with the material and more, plan with them the best timeline from the start to the end date and other crucial milestones that fall in between. A timeline helps everyone involved to remain on track to prevent disruptions in the store. Still, the timeline must be flexible to accommodate bumps in the road while your renovations are in progress.

Measure the Renovations Success

Once the renovations are completed, it helps to see if it meets your goals. Ask yourself if more people are visiting your store and what is the average basket value. Is it more significant than before or less? It is essential to make a comparison of before and after renovations.

Final Thoughts

These are some simple steps you can follow when taking on a retail renovation with contractors. The important thing is to think things through as to why you want to renovate to your budget. Once all of the above falls into place, you can determine if the commercial renovation was worth the while.

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