How to Speed Glitch in Da Hood with Auto Clicker

Learn how to speed glitch in Da Hood with Auto Clicker! This manual will teach you step-by-step how to use this glitch as a beginner and make lots of cash!


For those of you who are unfamiliar. Speed glitching is a technique that allows players to move around the map at an accelerated rate. This can be accomplished by using an auto clicker. The quickest way to do this is by holding down shift and clicking on the ground over and over. Of course, there are other methods but we will talk about that later. Today, I am going to show you how to use an auto click for speed glitching in da hood!
The first thing you need is a mouse or any type of device that has a cursor. Next, download a free software program called Autoclicker Lite which can be found online.

The Basics of Speed Glitching

The first thing you need to know about speed glitching is that it does not work the same way as traditional glitches. Usually, when you perform a glitch, all of your characters become invincible for a certain amount of time and then you can’t get hurt until the glitch ends. With speed glitching, however, all of your characters are always invincible and they can’t be hurt at all. The other thing that’s different about this type of glitch is that it doesn’t break the game like traditional glitches do. Instead, it changes how fast or slow the game plays, which can make getting through tough levels much easier. And because there’s no risk involved in performing a speed glitch, you don’t have anything to lose by trying it out!

Tips and Tricks

Auto clickers are a great way to speed glitch in da hood. You can find them on YouTube or download them from the internet.
First, you need a game that has no save feature, because if you have to log out for any reason the process will stop. With an auto clicker, all you need is something that blocks the screen so your mouse cursor doesn’t move (or just cover it up with tape). Now you’re ready to start speed glitching! Just open up the game and click away! As soon as your character dies or leaves the game, remove your mouse covering and resume clicking until the next death/logout.

Advanced Speed Glitching

Speed glitching is the fastest way to level up your character. It has been around since early 2012. In this guide, I will give you a step-by-step process on how to speed glitch.
1) When you are starting off, keep spamming the A button until you get about 1,000 points.
2) If you have enough points already. Then switch to spamming the X button and collect power orbs from killing enemies.
3) Continue doing this until you have enough power orbs that your bar is at least 50% full (or if your bar is 100% full).
4) Switch back over to spamming the A button and repeat steps 1 – 3.


Glitching is the act of manipulating a video game’s code. The most common way of doing this is by using an auto clicker. This allows you to click on something faster than a human can. Which causes glitches because the game doesn’t know how to handle it. To do this, set your auto clicker at whatever speed you want and then just hold down the mouse button as you move your cursor over whatever you want it to click on.