How to Wash Mattress Topper

1. Use water only

Water is the best way to clean any mattress cover. Water is safe and non-toxic. You do not need harsh chemicals to wash your mattress covers. Using water alone is enough to get rid of stains and dirt.

2. Check the label

Always check the label before washing your Memory foam toppers. If you use a detergent that contains bleach, make sure you read the instructions carefully. Do not let the mattress cover soak in water for hours. Doing so may cause damage to the material.

3. Dry the cover thoroughly

After using the water, dry your mattress cover completely. Make sure you do not leave wet spots on the cover. A damp mattress cover could lead to mold growth.

4. Store the cover properly

Store your mattress cover away from direct sunlight. Sunlight causes fading of colors and changes the texture of the fabric. Also store your mattress cover away from heat and cold. These conditions may cause shrinkage and shrinkage of the mattress cover.

5. Keep the cover clean

Wash your thick memory foam mattress topper regularly. Cleaning helps maintain its appearance and keeps it fresh. Washing removes excess oils and grime.

6. Avoid over cleaning

Over cleaning may cause staining. Over cleaning may cause the mattress cover to lose its luster and become dull.

7. Be careful with hot water

Hot water may damage the material of your mattress cover. Hot water dries out the fibers of the mattress cover and makes them brittle. Therefore, avoid using hot water to clean your mattress cover.

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