How to Watch Sling TV Anywhere You Want

Sling TV is a live streaming service that lets you watch the news, live sports, and other popular shows and movies. All you need is a reliable internet connection such as that offered by Spectrum mobile com

Sling TV is compatible with major streaming devices including iOS, Apple TV, Roku, and Android. It’s much cheaper than its competitors and frequently offers promotional deals with free streaming devices. 

How Can You Watch Sling TV from Anywhere You Want

Sling TV is accessible to you if you’re an American citizen or a green card holder living in the USA. Unfortunately, access to the streaming service is restricted outside the country. This means that even if you’re an American ex-pat working outside America, you can’t access Sling TV unless you make use of Smart DNS or Unlocator VPN.

If you wish to watch Sling TV when you’re outside of America, you can do so with the help of a VPN. Below is a step-wise guide to unblocking Sling TV with a VPN. 

  • Subscribe to a reputable VPN provider
  • Install the VPN app on your device
  • Log in to the app
  • Connect to a server in America
  • Go to Sling TV’s website and start streaming

Why Need a VPN?

The use of a VPN is essential to access Sling TV from outside the US. This is because it is a streaming service that is only meant for the US audience. It does not have licensing rights beyond the country. 

The VPN masks your IP address and hence your geographical location, tricking the channel into believing you’re accessing from within the US. This makes it possible for you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies no matter which part of the world you’re in. 

Which VPNs to Use?

Now that we’ve established that VPNs keep your identity and location from being revealed, let’s look into which VPN providers you should subscribe to, to ensure safe streaming. 

#1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is arguably one of the most reliable VPNs around. Its servers are online in more than 90 countries around the world and it offers 256-bit encryption to secure you from DNS or IP leaks. Its servers in the US are known for their ability to unblock Sling TV with a single click.

After downloading ExpressVPN, simply connect it to a server in the US. You’ll be assigned an American IP address. You can then dodge the ‘locked by region’ error message and start streaming live TV right away. 

#2. SurfShark

SurfShark is another effective and affordable VPN option to stream Sling TV. Among the reasons for its growing popularity are its amazing speed and server variety. It has over 3200 servers across 61 countries around the world and they are all secure for streaming. Besides, the service also offers 24/7 chat support, so in case you face any issues you can directly contact the team.

#3. NordVPN

NordVPN is another VPN through which you can watch Sling TV abroad. It has more than 5500 servers in over 59 countries. Rest assured that each one of these servers is equally secure; they’ll keep your identity and location secure from prying eyes. Even the Sling TV website and your ISP won’t get to know that you’re running NordVPN.

#4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a US-based VPN provider. It has a no-logs policy, strong encryption, and fully-featured apps for all platforms. It is hence a suitable option for users who need a lot of customization. PIA has servers in a total of 74 countries; these also include US servers that have proven very suitable for Sling TV streaming.

#5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN is budget-friendly and extremely easy to use. With this VPN, you get apps for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. This means that if you have a good enough internet connection like Spectrum packages, you can easily unlock Sling TV on devices including your smartphone, tablet, and desktop. At the moment, CyberGhost VPN has around 6000 servers across 88 countries. 

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