‘If You Wish After Me’ Episode 4: Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sooyoung Make believe as Pair

‘If You Wish After Me’ Episode 4: Team Genie Towards Celebrity in Music Participate in Along with Im Se Hee

Nurse Seo Yeon Joo (Choi Sooyoung) as well as Yoon Gyeo Rye (Ji Chang Wook) make believe as pair towards provide Im Se Hee’s wish. Interested around exactly just what occurred in “If You Wish After Me” episode 4? After that continue reading!

Im Se Hee (Park Jin Joo) long for executing in a music prior to she passes away. After Kang Tae Sik (Sung Dong Il) persuaded actor Pyo Gyu Tae (Minutes Wook Hyuk) towards comply with Se Hee, the cancer cells person handed the manuscript she created as well as appoint Team Genie participants towards sign up with the participate in.

As she reviewed the tale along with the appoint, Im Se Hee mentioned that Yoon Gyeo Rye as well as Nurse Seo Yeon Joo must depict parts as a unusual pair. Given that they go on strife day-to-day, they are actually excellent for the mentioned personalities.

Team Genie well prepared towards rehearse their phase obstructing and collections. At the same time, actor Pyo Gyu Tae, that was actually reluctant initially towards accomplish Im Se Hee’s wish, discovered themself signing up with the group’s strategy as well as attempted to remain formed before all of them.

Dr. Yang Receives Envious of Yoon Gyeo Rye

Dr. Yang Chi Hun (Shin Joo Hwan) is actually versus the procedure of how Team Genie participants accomplish the wants of the cancer cells people. Yet he can not aid yet see coming from afar, specifically Nurse Seo as he has actually developing sensations for her.

He also seen that Seo Yeon Joo appears satisfied everytime she is actually along with the novice offer. The physician would like to reveal his love towards Nurse Seo yet could not discover the guts specifically since Yoon Gyeo Rye is actually right now part of Team Genie.

Yoon Gyeo Rye Begins Towards Treatment For Seo Yeon Joo

Team Genie started preparing as well as dealing with the place for the forthcoming music participate in. They possessed a remarkable opportunity with each other, as well as Yoon Gyeo Rye began to create minds along with people.

At the same time, Seo Yeon Joo regularly recorded Yoon Gyeo Rye’s focus. He received interested around the tattoo on Seo’s equip, as well as the nurse after that discussed the tale responsible for it.

After recognizing around Nurse Seo’s past times around her mama, Gyro Rye started towards know the main cause responsible for her early morning workout sessions. She would like to increase durability for the people, as it was actually she did not have when her mama was actually passing away as a result of an ailment.

Ever since, the offer individual began to obtain careful of his activity towards the hospice nurse. When he listened to Dr. Yang chew out her, Yoon promptly represented Seo Yeon Joo, which created a new pressure in between Yang Chi Hun as well as Yoon Gyeo Rye.

Exactly just what are actually your notions around the developing relationship in between Seo Yeon Joo as well as Yoon Gyeo Rye in “If You Wish After Me”? Say to our company in the reviews!

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