Invest in yourself – no one can!

You or your partner may spend your entire career investing in your future happiness. But how many people have spent enough time investing in reality – your health?

If you are playing games you are one step ahead of most people. That’s a good start. Show that they want and desire change. Combining good exercise with healthy eating habits will often take your week to the next level. But not everyone has a high score. This is a shame crying!

Many people buy new cars with a lot of money. And do whatever you can to protect your investment. You insure, clean it weekly. And some even “feed” it with more expensive “super” fuel, thinking it’s better for your engine. Which I am sure is true. As soon as the dial warning light flashes you reserve a car for immediate service. And always send it to an authorized skrot bil. Because you’re afraid of losing your warranty if you don’t… It’s not worth the price you pay!

Now look at your body.

 It has a new owner He will be faithful to you from the day you were born and will be with you until the day you die. You’re given the keys to a “vehicle” that will last you a lifetime, but how much investment do you really think your body is? Booking a weekly workout is the equivalent of putting the keys in the ignition and driving long distances every week. That’s a good start. It blew the spider web away. It warms up the engine, moves and keeps everything running until the next “down” point.

But after working out all day many people will go back to their desks or chairs and do a little before starting their next workout. It’s the equivalent of driving into the garage and closing the door. you have a great car But you can keep up. You don’t have to ‘fill up’ premium fuel all the time. And expect the car to run smoothly without overheating as soon as the garage door opens.

You don’t have to buy a ‘car’ with a Ferrari or Aston engine. But you need to upgrade if you expect it to serve you well, otherwise, in the long run, troubleshooting (doctors) or calling junkies can be tricky! (Operator).


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