Is Beard Transplant A Good Idea?

A beard can change your whole look and vibe. It will make you more masculine and provide you with a boost of confidence. If you are having a tough time growing a thicker and fuller beard, you can opt for the beard transplant clinic in Bangalore, as it can enhance your beard growth and provide you with the facial hair you always wanted. But if you are not sure whether you want to opt for a beard transplant, we will provide you with all the necessary information on beard transplants.

What Is A Beard Transplant?

Patchy beard is the men’s bane. In beard transplants, for people looking for facial hair restoration, it is feasible to choose a simple process to get the same results. If the facial hair is not distributed evenly along the jawline, opting for the beard transplant clinic in Bangalore is the best option. Thanks to the latest technological advances, beard transplants utilise the latest hair restoration methods to help with beard transplants.

A Beard transplant is an efficient process that can be used to revive a new beard or enhance the current beard. The hair specialist will transplant the hair scalp to the facial areas as needed. It is not feasible to restore healthy hair.’


A most effective technique here is DHI or Direct Hair Implantation. DHI is a variant of FUE hair implantation, and the process is quite similar. Hair transplantation involves surgically implanting hair follicles into balding areas after they have been removed from another section of the patient’s scalp, typically the back of the head. In time, these dormant hair follicles will produce new hair.

Beard Anatomy

Before going to the beard transplant clinic in Bangalore, it is critical to understand anatomy. Beard begins to form at puberty and grows and develops for men throughout the adult journey. Beard growth affects beard transplants. The process is simple. As mentioned, surgeons will take hair from the donor area during the surgery, usually behind the scalp. The reason why doctors use hair from this area is that it is resistant to hair loss. Our hair is healthy enough to hold a transplant.

For patients without sufficient hair in their donor area, hair from other body parts such as the chest, back, arms, and legs will be used for the transplant. You should note that for people suffering from alopecia, this process is not for you if you do not have hair on any part of your body.

In the beard transplant, the surgeon will divide the face into two parts:

  • Goatee and moustache
  • Jaw, sideburns, and cheeks

Depending on these and other factors, doctors will need around 2,400 grafts for the surgery.

Who Should Choose Beard Transplant?

A beard transplant clinic in Bangalore can be something that most people want to opt for. However, it is not for everyone. Intervention patients should meet specific requirements to become eligible for the beard transplant. When men have beard transplants, it is critical to have realistic expectations. 

People should not expect 100% results on the same day as the surgery. It takes all surgery somewhere to settle. Most importantly, the candidate must be tested for mental and medical health. It is better to understand that transplant is carried out under the right conditions.

Go for DHI if you are looking for a beard transplant:

The DHI hair transplant method offers several benefits, the most notable of which is the ability to precisely manage the direction, thickness, and location of transplanted hair for a completely natural appearance. In both cases, you may expect to see the full effects of the treatment around the 12-month mark.

How To Know That Beard Transplant Is Successful?

Regardless of the process, within 3-4 months, the transplanted hair follicles will be settled in place and begin to grow. You will know that the beard transplant clinic in Bangalore was a success if, at 9-8 months, you can grow a fuller and healthy beard which you can treat as it has been there all time. While both FUT and FUE can provide you with a natural bearded look, FUT beards are fuller. This is because follicles are usually harvested when the skin strip is removed. If you want to get a thicker-looking beard, you should opt for FUT. 

In rare cases, beard transplants fail and are usually due to improper harvesting from the donor area. For this reason, it is highly critical to choose an experienced hair restoration surgeon.

The DHI in hair transplant is highly recommended due to the following reasons:

Reduced Recovery Period:

The faster recuperation time is a major benefit of DHI techniques. The somewhat increased hair-holding time in these additional uses slows down the recovery time. However, hair follicles hold tighter and faster in the DHI procedure, which drastically reduces the healing time. In addition, using this technique encourages quicker hair growth. With immediate hair follicle transplantation, cell division can proceed normally. The donor area, from which the follicles are extracted, sustains less damage as a result, and hence can heal more rapidly.

No Pain with DHI:

Mild soreness after hair transplantation is a major issue. DHI isn’t affected. Since channel opening and hair transplanting are done with tiny point pens, there is no bleeding. So, there will be no pain. Local anaesthesia makes the operation painless. While watching TV or reading, hair transplants can be conducted. After a procedure, patients can easily continue their normal life and employment.

Things To Do For Better Beard Growth

  • Be Patient

With skin care, you cannot see the results overnight. You will have to give your body time to integrate the changes and get visible effects, such as a fuller, healthier, and longer beard.

  • Skin Care Is Highly Critical

Skincare is highly critical when you have a beard. It will prevent any type of irritation, itches, or beard dandruff. You will get the added benefits of boosting hair growth and regeneration by enhancing blood circulation. A good skincare routine involves exfoliants, cleansers, and moisturisers that make you feel good and help you look the best. Various products can help you to enhance the local blood flow and help you get better follicle health.

  • Reduce Stress

It is common knowledge that stress can be harmful to your body, and it can also affect your beard growth. Constant tension and stress release cortisol, which directly affects testosterone levels. Stress hormones can cause vasoconstriction. In other words, less nutrient-rich blood will reach the facial hair follicles.

There you have it. It is all essential information about the beard transplant clinic in Bangalore. You should know that beard transplants like DHI provide different results to different people. You should consult with your doctor to get the best tips and recommendations.

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