Is Current College Education Keeping Up With the Demands of the Job Market?

In the traditional educational system, students were bound to take the classes as per the schedule, and they had to take all the lectures delivered by the teacher. At that time, success was only meant to taking the lectures fully. The bias of previous times was that students will be able to get good job opportunities when they come to school or college regularly. Students’ excellence was understood if they had good theoretical knowledge. Educational institutions did not realize that implementing theoretical knowledge for college students is equally important. 

During the covid-19 pandemic, when all activities were restricted to be continued from homes rather than having physical interaction with each other, schools were also obliged to follow this rule. When online education was at its peak, college students were seen to apply for certain internship programs and other job opportunities. This helped them a lot in climbing their career ladder. This practice made them customary in doing work and bearing workload pressures. Furthermore, when those college students apply for the job market, it will eventually help them manage the things they already know. 

Online education helped students a lot in this regard. It has given online exam help services. If students are busy gaining practical knowledge while continuing their academics, they might face difficulty giving the exams, so that they can get help from online exam help services. The students making their space in the job market can ask for online exam help services by passing a request to  “take my online exam for me”. This service has actually made student’s life easy and flexible by giving trustworthy services that can help students get good marks in their exams. 

The major question here arises that who gets the job, the person having an educational degree or the one who has experience? So the answer is both are needed for the particular job. Our current system of education is only restricting students to take bookish knowledge; if they continually do so, they will not be able to have their self-esteemed jobs in the future. Job markets are saturated nowadays in every field. Students who know some skills, as well as moderate education, can make their position in the job market. College students must be taught some skills relevant to their subjects so that it will not only help make their position in the job market but also help them to realize in which subject they are good and what to pursue as a career. 

This is the responsibility of the educational system to make college students aware of the job market. The information related to the career building is crucial for each student and is also crucial for the economy of a country; when these students will not be given proper guidance about their careers so they will not get jobs in the market, which will eventually affect the economy of a country. 

The credit hours of college students must be reduced so that they would be able to start their careers, and when they pass out, they will have some practical knowledge also. Colleges management must give awareness sessions to the students about each subject so that they will match their interests and competencies with that to choose a career path. Most of the students are not even clear about the careers they have to pursue in the future, so in the pressure of family or peer pressure, they opt for the field in which they lack in skills and interests and eventually get failed in that particular field. In the job market, only those candidates are getting jobs who know a practical understanding of the work with moderate education.

There was also a dark era that came out during the pandemic, and students started dropping out of college to earn money just because colleges were not giving them flexible schedules. This problem was soon realized, and the implementation of a modern educational system came into being. In the modern educational system, college students are given flexible hours and also given awareness and training sessions to meet the job requirement in the market. Potential skills have been taught to the students. 


The gap here also comes when the job market shrinks it, filtering out the candidates to different levels. College students must be given lots of information like interviewing, theoretical abilities, job knowledge and other useful skills required for the job. Nowadays, college students must be given technical information because this is the basic requirement of each job description.

The other gap is college education gives rigid options to the students to choose among their career paths; however, there are numerous career choices nowadays. College students, when seeing limited options they, go for it whether their interests match or not. When all students pick the same option, so the demand for the job rises, but the supply of the job will fall. Then students will face difficulty in achieving their desired admirable job. 


  • Colleges must give different interesting subject options to the students so they can pick one according to their interests.
  • Give awareness sessions to the students for their core self-evaluation so that they can analyze themselves. 
  • Make PRs with different companies and invite them for recruitment drives annually. 
  • Grant students with flexible hours so that they can manage between their academics and work.
  • Colleges must allow students to do internships and jobs in order to climb a career ladder. 


Modern educational systems are giving flexible schedules to the students and furthermore also giving training sessions to them. Still, they need to be more efficient because job markets are shrinking daily. They are filtering out the candidates at different levels. Only smart students are getting jobs, not the one who only has a degree. Practical knowledge is equally important.  

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