Is it Necessary to Read the Quran in Arabic?

One common question that frequently arises is regarding the language in which the Quran should be recited. The complete book of the Quran is translated into 47 languages. Is it necessary to read it in Arabic even if you don’t know the language?

So many people wonder if they should read this holy book in a language they don’t even understand.

If you are also someone who has this query, this article is the right pick for you.

It is only rational to think how you can be guided by the Quran if you read it in Arabic, a language you don’t understand.

Let us take a look at a few reasons why you should read the Quran in Arabic. We also offer a list of centers that provide Arabic classes online.

Quranic Arabic

Quranic Arabic is the language used in the Quran. It is also called Classical Arabic and is different from Modern Standard Arabic.

You can note grammatical and verbal differences between both along the learning process.

Why Read the Quran in Arabic?

1. Anything other than Arabic Quran is not Quran.

Only the Arabic Quran is said to be the real one. If you are looking to read any other of its translations, note that they will not be seen as substitutes for the Arabic one. They will only be considered a translation.

The other versions are said to be written by a man who doesn’t capture the real essence and value of the original one. The translations are just his interpretation and no comparison to the one written in Arabic.

2. For the Remembrance of Allah

Reading the Quran in Arabic contributes to the Remembrance of Allah or dhikr. When you read it daily and memorize its teachings, you are said to be doing it for the remembrance of Allah.

You feel much calmer, and closer to Allah when you are reciting the Quran in Arabic, than in any other language.

Hence, it is necessary to read it in Arabic itself to gain all the benefits that your soul craves. You start feeling more peaceful and divine once you read the scripture right away. You can do this by signing up for Arabic classes online in the UK.

3. The Quran was revealed and preserved in Arabic

Quran comprises of the words said by Allah to the Prophet. You need to read it in the original language Arabic to grasp the depth of the scripture.

Reciting it in another language can bring about a change in its meaning and how it was intended to be understood.

4. Receive Rewards and Merits

Reading the Quran brings you peace of mind. But to get all the rewards and merits, you need to read it in the Arabic language itself.

To understand just the main elements and meaning, you can depend on any translations. Attend Arabic classes online to reap the benefits and rewards.

Top Online Quran Classes in the UK

Now that you know why you should read the Quran in Arabic, let us see how you can start doing so.

Given below are the top 3 classes in the UK that you can sign up for now.

1. Alimaan Online School

Alimaan Online School aims to create a new Muslim generation that understands their faith. The school helps children learn the Quran and, in the process, attain self-discipline, empathy, and self-control.

The courses they offer include Quran recitation and memorization, Tajweed course, Islamic studies, Ijazah course, etc. They also offer classes in basic Qaida, Arabic language courses, and a new Muslim course.

Their website lists four plans that you can sign up for, to start your learning journey.

2. LiveQuran

LiveQuran offers the most effective online Quran classes in the UK. They have certified and experienced online tutors, both female, and male.

Women and kids can thus freely choose their own tutors who can guide them in their learning process.

The courses they offer include Quran learning and memorization, Tajweed courses, and Islamic studies.

By signing up for classes through LiveQuran, you get

  • One-on-one classes by teachers

Teachers offer special classes individually so that you can clear your doubts smoothly. They also offer quick revisions and monitoring to see that you are on the right track.

  • Flexible study schedule

LiveQuran allows you the freedom to choose your own timings. Pick a time and day that is convenient and favorable to you, to fully enjoy the Arabic language course.

  • Qualified professionals

You get access to professionally trained individuals who are qualified to guide you. They are committed to providing you with the best lessons to help you learn easily.

  • Rigid Syllabus

A rigid and structured syllabus allows you to keep track of where you are in your learning process.

3. Alim Live

Alim Live is of the most popular online classes in the UK. The list of courses they provide includes Qaida Learning, Tajweed, Hifz learning, Arabic language courses online Tafseer, etc.

A few features offered by this center include:

  • Male and Female Tutors

Both male and female teachers are available, from whom you can choose the one for you.

  • One to one Interactive Classes

You can have one on one classes with teachers to have more interactive sessions. Clear your doubts easily without distractions with the help of your teacher.

  • Flexible Learning Times

You are free to choose your time of learning. There is a recording of classes available for later playback.

  • 7 days free trial

The initial process of registering at Alim Live is easy for beginners. You also get a free trial of 7 days to see how the platform works for you.

Final Words

Muslims must learn to read the Quran in Arabic to understand it religiously.

We have listed a few learning centers in the UK that offer Arabic classes online. They help ease your process of learning Quran recitation and fully take in all the values the holy book offers. Happy learning!

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